Enhance the customer experience through Smart Retail Technology

Elevate your brand, engage your customers, and enable safe shopping experiences with industry-leading smart retail technology designed to fit right into your retail business.

Redefine your Retail Experience

Enhance your in-store experience while keeping your customers safe with smart retail technology solutions that deliver a memorable experience for every shopper.

Benefits of Smart Retail Technology


Solutions for Retail

Enhance Customer Experiences

Delivering an interactive, safe and memorable customer experience is key for all retailers, which is why our industry-leading digital solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into all commercial environments.

EloPos System

Interactive Point-of-Sale (POS) Solutions

Deliver the premium experience your customers expect from the first touch with Interactive Point-of-Sale (POS) and Self-Order solutions that fit flexibly into your retail space.

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Interactive Kiosk

Interactive Self-Service Kiosks

Put your customers in control of their transactions and increase order accuracy with Self-Service touchscreens that provide a consistently reliable experience with every visit.

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Elo 5553L

Endless Aisle

Captivate your audience with an interactive experience that enables them to browse and order the products they desire in just a few touches with our interactive touchscreens.

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Elevate your Brand

Effortlessly showcase your products and keep everyone in the loop with transformative digital solutions. Update your entire business in a click, gather insights from every area, and enhance the customer experience.

Digital Signage Software

Digital Signage

Transform your retail space with interactive and engaging Digital Signage Software that enables you to display content where it matters.

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Advantech DS-082

Digital Signage

Grab shoppers’ attention with Digital Media Players that stream your digital media content and put your best products in the spotlight.

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15" Elo I-Series for Windows 2.0

Interactive Touchscreens

Diversify your commercial environment and captivate your audience with Interactive Touchscreens built to scale to your space.

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Vestel PDU75UF83-4

Large Format Ultra High Definition Displays

Drive brand awareness and ensure your message is heard with Large-Format Non-Touch UHD Displays.

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Vestel PDU86SF80B-4

Large Format High Bright Displays

Grab shoppers’ attention with Large Format High Bright Displays with powerful built-in solutions so you can effortlessly display content.

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Elo M50 Mobile Computer

Rugged Handheld

Increase employee efficiency with tools that give them the ability to scan, capture and collaborate on-the-go across your entire technology suite.

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Safeguard your Shopping Experience

Keep shoppers’ and employees extra safe with our high-tech digital solutions that allow you to plan operations safely and efficiently, whilst optimising security and minimising risks.

Smart Queue Systems

Smart Queue Management

Enhance efficiency and reduce manual processes with Smart Queue Management solutions that streamline shopping experiences and reduce customer wait times.

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Starbit AB

People Counting Devices

Manage customer volumes and minimise risk with People Counting Devices that streamline your entry and exit points and give you insights to continue providing safe retail environments.

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15" Elo I-Series for Windows 2.0

Digital Shelf-Edge Displays

Reduce unnecessary physical contact and keep your staff and customers protected with Digital Shelf-Edge Displays that allow you to display pricing remotely and seamlessly.

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