Spotlight On: How Nexcom’s Neu-X101 Edge Computer and XPPC 10-100 Touchscreen Computer are Revolutionising Drive-Thru and Delivery for QSRs

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a rapid rise in drive-thru and home delivery orders, which highlighted several operational challenges for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs). While convenient for customers, these ordering methods present issues such as order accuracy, traffic management and technology integration that OSR owners must address.

Digital transformation offers organisations access to advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and solutions, including our partner Nexcom’s Neu-X101 Edge Computer and XPPC 10-100 Touchscreen Computer.


Key Operational Challenges

Increased demand has led to extended wait times, which could jeopardise customer experience and satisfaction. Addressing the surge in orders also impacts the speed and accuracy of drive-thru delivery, while hiring extra staff adds to overheads and retrofitting technology can complicate backend systems. Embracing digital transformation is critical for QSRs navigating this landscape, and solutions such as Nexcom’s Neu-X101 Edge Computer and XPPC 10-100 Touchscreen Computer have the power to revolutionise operational processes and customer experiences.


Nexcom’s Neu-X101 Drive-Thru Controller for 24/7 Operational Excellence

Nexcom’s Neu-X101 serves as the drive-thru system’s central controller, facilitating connectivity between critical components, including a 15” High-Brightness display for order confirmation via HDMI, a camera for facial recognition through USB, and two-way audio communication via Mic-In & Audio-Out. LAN connectivity ensures integration with the POS system, while the fanless design and reliable power enables the Neu-X101 to deliver uninterrupted operations 24/7, enhancing the overall drive-thru process.


Boost Order Accuracy with Nexcom’s XPPC 10-100’s AI Integration

To ensure order accuracy, our customers can integrate Nexcom’s XPPC 10-100 Touchscreen Computer with an AI system that automatically checks bag contents, minimising errors and missed items that impact customer satisfaction and sales. The XPPC 10-100 enables staff to manage orders efficiently, and its user-friendly 10.1” touchscreen and Celeron J3455 CPU offers unrivalled performance. Connectivity includes 1x USB, 1x LAN and 1x COM, while its IP65-rated front panel is dust and liquid resistant. USB barcode scanning improves precision and LAN connectivity with POS and backend systems optimise kitchen workflow.





XPPC 10-100


Nexcom’s Neu-X101 Edge Computer and XPPC 10-100 Touchscreen computer helps QSRs overcome drive-thru and delivery challenges and consistently provide exceptional customer experiences.


For more information on Nexcom’s Neu-X101 Edge Computer or its XPPC10-100 Touchscreen Computer, click here.



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