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Streamline your operations and enhance communication within your food and beverage business with robust and intuitive digital solutions built to withstand even the harshest conditions.

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Working with industry-leading vendors, we provide food and beverage manufacturers with world-class technology solutions that help boost efficiency and communication while meeting hygiene safety standards in the workplace.

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Solutions for Food and Beverage

Maintain Safety

Putting safety first is easier than ever with our range of solutions design to fit your needs. Our products are built with hygiene and safety in mind, to deliver the best performance in the strictest conditions.

Stainless Steel Panel PC

Stainless Steel PCs

Enable smart hygiene control with Stainless Panel PCs sealed to IP69K standards. 100% water/dust proof guarantee.

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Stainless Steel Monitors

Stainless Steel Monitors

The stainless-steel finish of our industrial monitors makes them ideal for tough applications and suitable for wash down areas.

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Stainless Steel Keyboards

Stainless Steel Keyboards

Rugged industrial keyboards suitable for use in extreme conditions.

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Go Digital

Unite your organisation and keep everyone in the loop with transformative digital solutions. Update your entire business in a click, gather insights from every area, and engage employees no matter where they are.

Large Format Screens

Large Format Screens

Transmit highly engaging visual, audio and video information and announcements across the entire workplace.

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Digital Signage Software

Keep employees in the loop and promote efficient communication in the workplace with a CMS system that enables you to send targeted content to any screen at any time.

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Red Lions Productivity Station

Red Lions Productivity


Get insights at a glance with a ready-to-deploy plant floor visual management system displaying real-time KPI data and Andon messages on large televisions to drive efficiency.

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22" Elo I-Series for Android

Small Format Touchscreen


Manufactured by Elo Touch Solutions. Can be used in a variety of signage and multi-screen configurations. Designed from the bottom up for retail, hospitality, healthcare and other commercial markets.

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Transform Operations

Be future ready with a fully connected environment that delivers invaluable insights, predictions, and industrial data. Letting you stay ahead of obstacles, predict future trends and get a full view of your organisation in one place.

Red Lion FlexEdge

Edge Computing

Gain control over your industrial data and revolutionise your digital transformation with a scalable solution that connects complex multi-vendor environments while providing a futureproof solution for your business.

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Red Lion NT24K-16TX-POE

Industrial Networking

Manage your sites and industrial processes remotely with Red Lion Ethernet solutions that enable you to configure port settings, manage traffic and remotely monitor your networks flawlessly.

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Distec’s Industrial Touchscreen PCs get Seal of Approval in Food Production

Distec’s Industrial Touchscreen PCs get Seal of Approval in Food Production

SI and Distec Work Together to Keep Production Lines Running Smoothly

SI and Distec Work Together to Keep Production Lines Running Smoothly


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