Panel PCs

Low-Cost Panel PCs

Low-Cost Panel PCs

We offer a range of low-cost Panel PCs suitable for industrial environments manufactured by Nexcom International.

NEXCOM fanless touch Panel PCs adopt an all-in-one concept that integrates a single board computer, TFT LCD Panel with LED backlight, and user-friendly touch screen within a slick and compact NEMA 4 / IP65 chassis.

Designed to serve as a flexible and reliable industrial computing platform, each Panel PC and Monitor is a compact, highly integrated, network-ready computer with exceptional I/O connectivity. The industrial-grade machinery computer from NEXCOM is designed for use in any light industrial environment.

We also offer custom-builds with customisable RAM, I/O expansion, RAID software/hardware, redundancy and backup, custom imaging SSD/Storage, Operating System, PCI Cards, WiFi, optional branding, and more.

We also have a wide range of high-performing Industrial Computers.

If you are not sure which industrial computer to choose, simply call one of our technical experts or use our online chat feature to discuss your requirements and we will source the right solution for you and your environment.

8″ – 15″ Panel PCs

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