Partner News: Starbit Launches 3D Sense People Counting Technology

Distec partner and leading digital innovator Starbit has launched 3D Sense, a new people counting technology that gives companies a clear view of the amount of people on premise. This detailed knowledge enables companies to plan their operations safely and efficiently, optimising security and resource whilst minimising risks.

Starbit 3D Sense is installed at entrances and registers each person entering and exiting a room or building. It applies advanced imaging technology and machine learning to provide important insights for stores and other workplaces. The information is displayed on a digital monitor, which shows the number of visitors in real time; the maximum number of visitors allowed; the forecasted number of visitors and historical data based on previous entries. The monitor can also change colour to inform visitors on what capacity is available, and the sensors provide over 99% accuracy, distinguishing between adults, children, and even shopping carts.

During the pandemic, 3D Sense is able to provide real time data for business owners, enabling them to maintain social distancing in stores or other workspaces and keep visitor numbers below the allocated maximum. The monitor also gives visitors peace of mind that their safety it assured while they are on premise.

Benefits in the retail sector

Customer service is also improved with the 3D Sense. By having access to data on visitors, staff can see in real time the demand for them on the shopfloor. By showing them exactly how many customers are on premise, managers are able to more effectively direct resources if there is a sudden change in the number of customers in the store.

This data can also be used to build up a long-term strategy for resource allocation. Accurate figures on the historical numbers of customers in stores gives managers and business owners hugely beneficial data on the number of staff required at specific times of the week, or during seasonal uplifts such as Christmas. Not only does this improve customer service as premises are less likely to be short staffed, but the data also gives owners the ability to create a rota that is in line with demand. This means the business is able to reduce costs and budget more effectively.

In addition to the monetary benefits, the data provided by the 3D Sense is also beneficial to the security of a business. By being able to see when there is going to be more of a security challenge due to increased customer footfall, businesses can increase their security protocols to reduce the risks.

We recently entered into a partnership with Starbit to bring its hi-tech retail solutions to the UK. You can read more about this on our website. For more information on our digital signage solutions click here.

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