Enhancing Patient Care through Digital Transformation

Increase efficiency and improve the patient
experience with digital healthcare solutions designed to fit seamlessly into healthcare environments.

Transform the care you provide

Improve quality of care, reduce administration costs and improve the patient experience with digital healthcare solutions that fit effortlessly into any healthcare environment.

Benefits of Digital Healthcare Technology


Solutions for Healthcare

Digitise Medical Care

Providing the highest quality of patient care is essential for all healthcare providers, which is why our digital solutions are designed to work seamlessly in any healthcare environment.

Clinical Grade PCs

Clinical Grade

Ensure quiet operations while meeting
infection control standards with fanless PCs built for use with light applications.

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Advantech POC-W152

Medical Grade All-in-
One PCs

Enhance critical care, treatment quality and patient satisfaction with high-performance point-of-care terminals.

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Advantech POC-624

Medical Cart PCs with
Swappable Batteries

Improve workflow and boost productivity
with medical cart PCs with hot swappable
batteries designed for nonpowered carts.

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Advantech AIM-55

Medical Grade

Comply with the IEC 60601-1 Ed. 3.1 standard for medical devices and while streamlining hospital workflow with medical grade tablets rated IP65 for dust and water resistance.

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Advantech PAX-327

Surgical Monitors


Achieve crystal clear medical imagery with 4K resolutions that provide optimal quality for next level surgical visualisation.

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Infection Control Keyboards

Infection Control

Keep workers, patients and workspaces
safe with infection control keyboards
designed to provide smarter prevention
and control of potential contaminants.

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Improve Patient Experiences

Successful navigation across all healthcare environments is at the core of an optimal patient experience. Our digital solutions enhance patient flow throughout all stages of care and provide effective wayfinding systems that empower visitors to effortlessly find their destinations.

Healthcare Information Terminals

Healthcare Information Terminals

Enhance patient satisfaction and boost
caregiver productivity with patient-centred
computer terminals.

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Interactive Kiosk

Interactive Self-Service Kiosks

Improve efficiency, reduce administration
costs and enhance the patient experience
with self-service kiosks.

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Elo 2203LM 22" Medical Grade Touchscreen Monitor


Increase productivity and improve patient
safety with medical grade touchscreen solutions built for all healthcare environments.

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10 Squared GTp

Digital Wayfinding

Help visitors and patients reach their destinations with interactive digital wayfinding maps and display important safety messages using large format displays that are medically certified with a proven track record in the NHS.

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10 Squared Fresco Outdoor Totem


Display digital content and navigation signage indoors and outdoors to enhance the patient experience with eye-catching totems.


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Digital Signage Software

Help visitors and staff navigate across healthcare facilities with digital signage that can be repurposed to help divert foot traffic during busy times or aid capacity planning and social distancing.

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