About Us

Specialist technology solutions for Industrial Automation, Digital Signage and Healthcare markets.

A Technical Company

We offer a range of Industrial, Digital Signage and Healthcare technology solutions

Forward Thinking

We stay ahead of industry trends to bring you the latest future-proof technology solutions

Problem Solvers

We help our customers select the right products that are perfect for their application and environment

First-class Support

We provide first-class technical support services to ensure you get the most from your investment

Our Story

Founded in 1992, we have over 29 years’ experience in providing specialist technology solutions to the Manufacturing, digital signage, healthcare, and Retail sectors.  We work with industry-leading vendors to provide our customers with world-class technology solutions to help increase efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.


What do we sell?

Our ethos is to help our customers select the products that are right for their application without any obligation. This encompasses demonstrations, evaluations, and loans to enable the client to be entirely happy before ordering.  All our products have been carefully selected for quality and performance, sourced from a select range of Blue Chip manufacturers.  Our products include Digital Signage Solutions, Healthcare Technology, Industrial Computing Solutions, and Hazardous Area Computing Technology.

Most importantly, our products are designed to complement each other.


What market sectors do we serve?

We service many different markets, including Industrial, POI, Medical, Retail, Education, Kiosk and Commercial. Certain products are designed for specific applications, whereas others are sold into many market sectors.

Our professional team has well over 100 years of combined experience to offer. Our exposure to a broad range of industries and projects means that we almost certainly have prior knowledge of applications which can be used to benefit our new customers.


What makes us different?

We differentiate ourselves from catalogue suppliers by maintaining an extensive demonstration and loan stock which enables us to spend meaningful time with our customers, understanding business needs and then demonstrating strictly relevant technology. We want you to notice the difference between us and other suppliers.

We are selective about the products we offer, deliberately choosing technical and value leaders at various price points. We like to offer our customers real choice, rather than the confusion of an unrestrained portfolio.


Our Customisation Services

Our ability to offer systems and customise products has been greatly extended with the provision of multiple ESD safe, grounded and dust free work stations. Customisation can be as simple as packaging a PC with a SCADA system, or as complex as building customised Touch Kiosks. Other examples include connection variations for different industrial climates or environments and ‘out of the box ready’ hardware. Industrial Computers are frequently configured to our customers’ exact requirements, covering processors, RAM, storage, additional cards and pre-loading of operating systems or other software.

Part of KAMIC Group

Distec Ltd is part of the Electronics business area in KAMIC Group, a privately owned Swedish corporate group that acquires, owns and develops technology-based businesses in selected niches. The Group comprises companies active in trade and agencies as well as in-house product development and manufacturing. KAMIC Group is established in some 15 countries in Europe, Asia and North America. To learn more about KAMIC Group, please visit www.kamicgroup.com.


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