Achieve Smart Manufacturing through Digital Transformation

Improve resilience, stay agile, enhance efficiency and adapt to ever-changing customer demands with Smart Factory solutions that give you a competitive edge.

Reimagine Manufacturing

Harness the power of digital transformation by increasing efficiency, boosting productivity and staying competitive with Smart Factory solutions that fit seamlessly into even the harshest industrial environments.

Benefits of Smart Manufacturing


Solutions for Manufacturing

Improve Efficiency

Future-proof your manufacturing business with industry 4.0/IIoT initiatives and
secure industrial networking tools that take connectivity to the next level.

Red Lion FlexEdge

Edge Computing

Gain control over your industrial data and revolutionise your digital transformation with a scalable solution that connects complex multivendor environments while providing a future-proof solution for your business.

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Red Lion FlexEdge DA50A

Industrial Data Collection

Accelerate IIoT projects with next-generation industrial data collection and management solutions built to eliminate separate systems and streamline data exchanges.

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Industrial Networking

Industrial Networking

Manage your sites and industrial processes remotely with Industrial Ethernet solutions that enable you to configure port settings, manage traffic and remotely monitor your networks flawlessly.

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Red Lion CR10000700000210 7″ Widescreen HMI

Rugged HMIs

Seamlessly connect, monitor, and control your manufacturing processes with rugged HMI operator panels built for the factory floor and the most extreme manufacturing conditions.

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Red Lion Graphite Edge Controller

Rugged Controllers

Upgrade your automation solutions and accelerate your IIoT initiatives with industrial controllers that seamlessly connect disparate equipment across multi-vendor environments.

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Red Lion E3 IO Modules

Remote Monitoring

Push control to the edge with remote monitoring solutions that give you powerful networking capabilities to improve efficiency and productivity.

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Maximise Uptime

Reduce downtime with rugged industrial computer solutions built to withstand the
toughest industrial environments. Solutions that are robust enough to operate under
intense vibrations, extreme temperatures, and in wet and dusty environments.

Nexcom NISE 108

Fanless Embedded PCs

Maintain high computing performance throughout all industrial environments.

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Advantech PPC-3181SW 18.5" Fanless Panel PC

Industrial Panel PCs

Ensure uptime with rugged industrial computers designed specifically for use in harsh industrial environments.

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Nexcom APPD 1900T

Industrial Monitors

High IP Sealed industrial monitors built to handle everything the factory floor throws at them.

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Modular Panel PCs

Modular Panel PCs

Choose technology that scales to your business with modular panel PCs designed to effortlessly fit into your space and lower your maintenance costs.

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Advantech AIM-68 10.1" Industrial Tablet with Intel® Atom™ Processor

Rugged Tablet PCs

Continue delivering exceptional service equipped with industrial-grade IP65 and IP67 tablet PCs that enable mobility in any harsh environment.

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Wincomm WTP-8B66

Stainless Steel Panel PCs

Enable smart working across the most challenging environments with stainless steel panel PCs built with rigorous testing to ensure safety and top performance.

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Intelligent Communication

Engage and empower your staff by keeping them informed with production dashboards, health & safety
announcements, and the latest company news across the entire factory floor.

KPI Displays

KPI Displays

Get insights at a glance with a ready-to-deploy plant floor visual management system displaying real-time KPI data and Andon messages on large televisions to drive efficiency.

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Red Lion PAX2A

Panel Meters

Display, monitor and control important KPIs with our wide range of panel meters that come in various models, sizes, and capabilities with easy, plug-and-play installation.

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EZ iMarquee

Marquee Displays

Improve productivity with our marquee displays are large LED screens, visible up to 400 ft away, and communicate vital information to both employees and management.

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Advantech DS-082

Digital Signage Players

Grab employees’ attention with Digital Media Players that stream your digital media content and put important data and health & safety information in the spotlight.

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Stainless Steel Monitors

Digital Signage Screens

Put your message front and center with large format, high bright digital signage screens that enable you to engage your entire workforce.

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Digital Signage Software

Keep employees in the loop and promote efficient communication on the factory floor with a digital signage system that enables you to send targeted content to any screen at any time.

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