10 Benefits of Smart Queue Systems

Queues have always posed a problem for businesses. Whilst on the one hand long queues mean that demand is high and revenue is being generated, it can also lead to customer loss and dissatisfaction while they wait to complete their purchase. The question, therefore, is how can business manage high customer numbers whilst also making the queuing process as smooth as possible?

Smart queue management solves this conundrum and brings efficiency to the queue process. Here are ten benefits to using smart queue management technology.

  1. Reduced wait times

The stand-out benefit of a smart queue management system is that it makes the queuing process more efficient. This reduces waiting time for customers and allows you to serve them more quickly and effectively. This helps to increase revenue as more customers are able to make their purchases, even at peak times. 

  1. Increased workforce efficiency

A smart queue management system allows a business to see where its inefficiencies lie. As a result, managers are able to effectively divert employees to where they are needed most. By directing employees efficiently, customers are more effectively served, and productivity is increased.

  1. Cost savings

Queue management is able to curtail the shortcomings that affect all businesses when dealing with fluctuating peaks and troughs of customer numbers. Costs such as staffing and stock control are able to be streamlined to align more effortlessly with the specific needs of the business and reducing its costs.

  1. Increased employee satisfaction

The ability for businesses to be able to direct employees effectively means that they are better managed and equipped to handle each situation. By being more prepared, employees can fulfil their role which reduces stress and increases their satisfaction in the job as they feel more supported with clear, data-driven, instructions.

  1. Increased customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is boosted through the use of queue management technology. Not only are queue times reduced through smart systems, but customers can also be prompted more effectively through digital signage, bringing them up to date information or instructions to ease the buying process.

  1. Reduced customer loss

Linked to both improved customer satisfaction and reduced queue times, smart queue management also helps to reduce customer loss. Customers that are in shorter queues and kept informed about the length of time that they will be waiting are much more likely to stay and make their purchases. Whereas they might have previously left before buying their items, smart queue technology secures the sale.

  1. Increased business agility

Smart queueing technology also means that managers and businesses are able to see bottlenecks in real time. This means that they are able to react quickly and direct staff and resources to combat issues before they escalate, improving the service they provide.

  1. Power of data

Businesses are able to use data from smart queuing systems to prepare for peaks and toughs. By mapping out exactly when a premise will be busy, business owners are more able to allocate resources effectively. Data can also be used to predict when large orders of certain products will be made to make sure that stock is available.

  1. COVID conscious technology

A smart queue system that gives customers the ability to pre-book appointments or use click-and-collect for their items makes it much easier for businesses to remain COVID safe. A company using this technology can control the number of people on site at any one time, which means they are able to maintain social distancing and help to halt the spread of the virus.

  1. Impulse purchases

Using technology that helps to keep customers informed and entertained in tandem with a smart queuing system can increase impulse purchases. By advertising items that customers are likely to buy after pulling the trigger on a purchasing decision, impulse purchases can rise by up to 400%.

The benefits of queue management are wide ranging, impacting all aspects of a business from the owners and the employees through to the end consumer. As the sole UK reseller for Starbit’s smart queuing system we can help organisations reap the benefits of this innovative technology. Contact us here for more information.

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