Industrial Keyboards

Industrial keyboards

Industrial keyboards

We offer a range of rugged Industrial Keyboards manufactured by CKS Global Solutions that are suitable for harsh industrial environments, designed to offer a compact footprint size with a rugged, industrial quality Stainless Steel construction.

All of our keyboards utilise a Wear & Chemical resistant overlay making them ideal for harsh applications and suitable for wash down areas.

With variations such as those that include a pointing device, Trackerball or Touchpad, and your choice of Bezel mount, Flush mount, Rear mount, or Cased, our rugged industrial keyboards are easily tailored to work with extreme efficiency within your harsh working environment.

If you are not sure which industrial keyboard to choose, simply call one of our technical experts or use our online chat feature to discuss your requirements and we will source the right solution for you and your environment.

We have extensive demonstration and loan stock available and would gladly meet with you to demonstrate the technology.  If you would like to arrange a demonstration or loan a unit for testing from our selection below, please contact us here.

Rugged Industrial Keyboards