Smart Marine Technology

Take advantage of marine grade technology solutions that work continuously even in the harshest of maritime environments.

Transform Ocean Navigation

Navigate and communicate effectively at sea with industrial computing solutions that are specifically designed and certified for marine environments. Several protective mechanisms are built into the rugged hardware to protect the technology from damage caused by vibrations, temperature fluctuations and moisture.

Benefits of Smart Marine Technology


Improve Agility
Boost Productivity

Marine Solutions

Technology for Extreme Environments

Experience the reliability of marine grade industrial computing solutions that are designed to work continuously in harsh maritime conditions.

Marine Grade Panel PC

Marine Grade Panel PCs

Designed specifically for marine applications, our rugged marine grade panel PCs are certified by IEC-60945 and compliant with DNV for use onboard boats and ships.

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Axiomtek tBOX500-510-FL Fanless Embedded System

Fanless Embedded PCs

Highly reliable, high-performance fanless embedded PCs that operate at temperatures between -40C and +70C and are vibration-resistant, ideal for harsh maritime environments.

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Elgens TDM-P121ST Series

Marine Grade Monitors

Marine grade monitors that function at wide temperatures, comply with Marine IEC60945 and have IP65 front bezels VGA/DVI panel mounting kits.

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Digitalisation in Maritime Environments

Invest in IoT initiatives to digitalise your marine operations and take connectivity to new heights with secure shipboard networking tools.

Red Lion FlexEdge

Edge Computing

Gain control over your critical data and revolutionise your digital transformation with a scalable solution that connects complex multivendor environments while providing a future-proof solution for your ship systems.

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Red Lion FlexEdge DA50A

Data Collection

Get the most out of IoT projects with secure data collection and management solutions that eliminate separate systems, streamline data exchange, and facilitate ship-wide data visualisation.

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Industrial Networking

Shipboard Networking

With Industrial Ethernet solutions for shipboard networks, you can configure port settings, manage traffic and monitor maritime OT networks flawlessly for future-proof

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