10.1″ Elo 1093L Open Frame Touchscreen

Main Features:

  • 10.1″ LCD Open Frame Touchscreen
  • Integrated Touch
  • Elo’s TouchPro® PCAP offers:
    • 2GS (two glass solution) with pristine optical clarity and touch durability
    • 10 touch with thru-glass capabilities that passes UL60950 & IK-07 impact testingVideo Interfaces: HDMI, VGA & Display Port
  • Touchscreen sealed against dirt, dust and liquids

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Elo 1093L 10.1″ Open Frame Touchscreen 

The Elo 1093L 10-inch open frame touchscreen display delivers an industrial-grade solution that is cost-effective for OEMs and systems integrators requiring a reliable product for their customers. Designed with reliability from the start, Elo 1093L open frame touchscreen delivers outstanding image clarity and light transmission with stable, drift-free operation for accurate touch responses. The 90-Series product line is available in a wide range of sizes, touch technologies and brightness, offering the versatility needed for commercial kiosk applications from self-service and gaming to industrial automation and healthcare.

Flexibility for Your Install
Elo’ commercial-grade open frames can be mounted in landscape, portrait, and face-up orientations providing optimal flexibility for mounting in any table, kiosk, or cabinet design. Whether viewing directly, at an angle, or from a distance, our open frames offer what you need while maintaining optimal clarity and the viewing experience you want to deliver.

Other Elo Open Frame Screen Sizes
Elo Open Frame Touchscreens also come in sizes: 12″ Elo 1291L, 15″ Elo 1590L, 15.6″ Elo 1593L, 17″ Elo 1790L, 19″ Elo 1990L, 19.5″ Elo 2094L, 32″ Elo 3243L, 42″ Elo 4243L and 56.6″ Elo 5543L.

Add Android Computing
Compatible with Elo Backpack with Android Open Source.

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