Elo Backpack with Android Open Source

Main Features:

  • Android Compute Engine for Interactive Experiences
  • Scalable & Easy to Deploy
  • EloView ready – seamlessly manage and update digital content across multiple locations with ease
  • Compatible with select Elo displays


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Elo Backpack with Android Open Source

The new Elo Backpack Android compute engine transforms touchscreen monitors and signage displays into commercial-grade systems capable of running audio and video content, interactive HTML webpages and Android-based apps. Users can easily scale our commercial Android platform to many sizes and form factors enabling a consistent deployment that is cost effective and optimised for commercial use. The Elo Backpack also supports industry-leading peripherals for scanning, payment, printing and biometric input. With potential to revolutionise the kiosk architecture, the compute engine simplifies delivery of content and enables remote management capabilities via the EloView® portal.

Android Kiosk 2.0 – Scalable & Easy to Deploy
With the Elo Backpack, we are introducing kiosk integrators to a new architecture that will lower costs, improve scalability and simplify creation of customized kiosks. Elo’s Kiosk 2.0 architecture introduces a low-power, solid state fan-less computing solution with the capability to scale deployments and remotely manage kiosks out-of-the-box. Combined with Elo’s brilliant commercial-grade touch monitors, integrators can now transform what was a bulky, highly customised kiosk into a sleek and modern design.

Add Android Computing to Elo Touchscreens
The Elo Backpack is compatible with select Elo touchscreen digital signage, desktop monitors, kiosk open-frames, and any HDMI-capable display (without touch support).

The Elo Backpack is compatible with select models:
90-Series Open Frames (SAW & PCAP) – 1093L, 1291L, 1590L, 1593L, 1790L, 1990L, 1991L, 2094L.
Large Format Open Frames3243L, 4243L, 4343L, 5543L
Touchscreen Signage3202L, 4202L, 4602L, 5502L, 5553L/6553L (supports a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080), 7001LT
02-Series Touchscreen Monitors0702L, 1002L, 1302L, 1502L, 1902L, 2002L, 2202L, 2402L, 2702L
Any HDMI-capable display, without touch support

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