Wincomm Wins Taiwan Excellence Award.

Wincomm has 3 winning products spanning across different areas of health care, food processing, outdoor automatic control, etc.

After being awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2016, Wincomm has again won the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2017. The three winning products are the 22-inch fanless stainless steel waterproof panel pc WTP-9A66-22, the 22-inch medical grade fanless multi-touch computer WMP-22A, and the 15-inch wide temperature waterproof panel pc WTP-8B66-15O for outdoor applications.

The Taiwan Excellence Award is the annual award presented by Taiwan External Trade Development Council for the Taiwan industry, and invites international industry experts to evaluate the entries based on R&D, design, quality, marketing and Taiwan manufacturing. With the addition of three models winning the Taiwan Excellence Award and standing out from a field of 1,188 products, it shows the extraordinary strength of Wincomm’s R&D and its strict quality control. For two consecutive years, Wincomm has won Taiwan Excellence Awards. Not only does Wincomm continue to challenge itself and to innovate, but a more important mission is to continue to listen to the customer’s needs to create a winning partnership with the customer.

Full IP66/69K/67 Waterproof stainless panel PC

The WTP-9A66-22 is equipped with a high-powered Intel Core i5/i7 CPU. It features high strength stainless steel housing, IP66/67/69K full sealed enclosure, and stable CPU operation via exclusive cooling technology. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing will not be damaged when strong jets of water or acid / alkaline are used on it. The M12 metal with IP68 connectors makes the unit completely resistant to dust and water. 

WTP-8B66-15O is the first outdoor touch panel pc with both IP69K and IP67 waterproof certifications. It can operate in a wide temperature range of -20 to 60 ℃, making it suitable for harsh outdoor environment automation control systems, such as parking management systems. The screen is equipped with optical binding technology such that the screen is still clearly visible even in direct sunlight. The anti-UV design ensures the screen will not incur any whitening problems, even with prolonged sun exposure. Along with its waterproof and dustproof M12 IP68 metal connectors, the WTP-8B66-15O is a top choice for outdoor automation systems.

The fanless medical panel PC WMP-22A has Medical 60601-1 3rd + A1 edition medical grade certificates. The WMP-22A is equipped with Intel sixth-generation CPU processor Broadwell, which increases its graphics computing power significantly. To meet the cleanliness standard of the medical environment, the WMP-22A has IPx1 for the whole system along with an IP65 rated and full flat touch seamless design on the front side with antibacterial housing that greatly prevents bacterial growth and reduces staph bacteria (MRSA) survivalThe WMP-22A is designed for operating room applications. With its powerful graphics computing power, it features independent dual display capabilities with ease of use for medical monitors.WMP-22A is equipped with 4KV Isolation COM / LAN / USB port, which is designed for integration with medical equipment while ensuring the safety of the operator. The internal battery supplies a 20-50 minute backup during power outages, a sufficient amount of time to safely secure the medical data storage. 

Wincomm realizes the importance of outdoor products needing to be able to withstand the effects from sun and temperature. The WTP-8B66-15O has a powerful thermal design that can resist solar radiation heat. It can operate continuously for 24 hours a day in high-temperature and environments directly under the sun. 

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