Webinar: NowSignage Digital Signage Software

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Hear Distec and NowSignage showcase NowSignage – an award-winning digital signage CMS.

NowSignage is a multi-screen CMS that enables users to upload, schedule, and manage content across their screens at the click of a button. The platform allows the seamless playing of static ads, videos, live YouTube, TV channel streaming, RSS news feeds, dashboards, web views, as well as moderated social media posts and approved apps such as Microsoft PowerBI.

NowSignage is ideal for controlling digital signage across single locations with tens of screens, or multiple locations with thousands of screens located across different geographical regions.

Webinar Highlights

  • NowSignage in brief
  • Reasons to choose NowSignage
  • Features overview
  • Deployment in Retail, Manufacturing and Healthcare sectors
  • Hardware compatibility
  • Pricing and Q&A

Andrew Byrne, Sales Manager at Distec Ltd
Tom Ross, Commercial Director at NowSignage

To watch this webinar, click here >

NowSignage are technology innovators who have changed and disrupted the traditional digital signage market with a simplistic and cost-effective subscription service that has resulted in NowSignage becoming the trusted digital signage provider to 4,000+ customers across 30+ countries.

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