Distec offers a range of specialised hardware and software solutions to sectors including healthcare, retail, manufacturing and transportation. This is made possible with our innovative partners, who are delivering high standard products that are shaping the industries they operate in.

Each month we will showcase one of our partners and the standout technologies they deliver. The first product in the spotlight is the VisuNet IXD from Pepperl+Fuchs.

What is it?

The VisuNet IXD remote monitor from Pepperl+Fuchs is a lightweight, yet robust remote monitor designed for outdoor applications. The VisuNet IXD is a certified Zone 1/21 rugged panel PC that offers a wide range of interfaces, using VisuNet RM Shell firmware and VisuNet Control Center for optimised field maintainability.

What does it offer?

The VisuNet IXD offers a range of benefits to organisations including:

  • High brightness: Intended for outdoor use, the VisuNet IXD has a high-brightness display and optically bonded touchscreen that reduces reflection and increases light transmission.
  • Robustness: The multi-touch display is protected with security glass which makes the VisuNet IXD more rugged than conventional workstations.
  • Modular design: One key advantage of the VisuNet IXD is its modular design, consisting of display, power supply and computer which enables operators to replace components as and when needed. This makes field maintenance easy and reduces costly downtime.
  • Flexible installation: At only 23kg, the VisuNet IXD is easy to mount in different environments with no need for a heavy-duty pedestal. It can be mounted on wall brackets, pedestal, VESA or panel mounting for more flexibility and easy installation.

Applications of VisuNet IXD

The VisuNet IXD is able to withstand extreme conditions, operating in temperatures from as low as -20 °C all the way up to +60 °C. The special coating on the monitor also prevents corrosion in wet conditions. This has proven invaluable when used in fuel refineries, where VisuNet IXD monitors are being used by plant operators to support and monitor fuel production.

Want to know more?

If your organisation needs rugged panel PC monitors designed for harsh and extreme conditions, then Pepperl+Fuchs has the solution for you with VisuNet IXD. Speak to one of our managers today to find out how we can help.

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