Spotlight on: Nexcom’s Innovative Fanless Embedded Computer Transforms Dairy Farming

Managing livestock and optimising farm operations are significant challenges for the dairy farming industry. One hurdle for farmers is accurately monitoring livestock and keeping precise records for identification, health status, milk yield, and food biosecurity.

Data collection and analysis typically rely on manual input, which hinders time-sensitive tracking and data-driven decision making. A lack of real-time data and insights could lead to product wastage and negatively affect cow welfare and productivity.

However, the increasing use of technology within the industry is helping farmers find answers to these challenges. One innovation changing the face of dairy farming is the implementation of an IoT gateway, such as Nexcom’s NDiS B560S, a slim fanless embedded computer.


Seamless and effective performance

The NDiS B560S from Nexcom offers a comprehensive smart farming solution that can be integrated with electronic and visual cow tags to enable accurate monitoring, automated data collection, nutrition analysis and optimised resource allocation.

Nexcom’s NDiS B560S is powered by the Intel CoreTM i5-8500T processor, supplying seamless connectivity that enhances cow health and performance through accurate identification and tracking of individual cows. The system facilitates access to real-time data on breeding records, health metrics and milk production. This information enables farmers to make informed decisions on nutrition, reproduction strategies and necessary veterinary interventions for smart farming.

The IoT gateway accommodates temperature and humidity sensors, enabling anticipatory monitoring of environmental conditions, which mitigates the risks associated with heat stress and other potential adverse effects on cow health. It also features LAN and Wi-Fi integration capabilities and an intuitive touch HMI interface that allows farm operators to oversee and remotely control various processes on the farm. Operators can also access real-time data from RFID tags, receive immediate alerts, and make informed decisions from anywhere, significantly boosting efficiency and flexibility.


Application Diagram

Visual Edge Computer - NDiS B560S Diagram


Key features for application needs

  • Support 8/9th Gen Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 LGA socket type embedded processor, up to 35W
  • Intel® H310
  • Intel® integrated UHD 630 graphic engine
  • Support 2 independent 4K2K 60Hz display output
  • Compact and slim design (H: 39mm)
  • Support 1 x 2.5” SATA HDD
  • 2 x HDMI 2.0, 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x GbE LAN, 4 x COM, 1 x Line-out, 1 x Mic-in
  • Support M.2 Key B/E/M
  • Fanless design


Transforming dairy farming with technology

Leveraging Nexcom’s innovative NDiS B560S fanless embedded computer and cow tags can revolutionise dairy farmers’ operations, authenticate livestock data and eliminate human errors associated with traditional paper records. This advanced traceability solution improves food safety, regulatory efficiency and resource allocation.

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