Red Lion Flexedge® DA70A Advanced IIoT Gateway HDMI Enabled

Main Features:

  • Modular architecture to easily add cellular, Wi-Fi, serial, or USB connectivity
  • Easily add up to 10 I/O modules including: analog I/O, digital I/O, universal input, relays and PID control
  • Powerful networking at the core including: routing, NAT, VPN and stateful firewall
  • Gateways can be upgraded to support protocol conversion, advanced automation features and Crimson Control (IEC 61131-3)
  • Supports up to 10 simultaneous protocol conversions between over 300 industrial drivers (optional)
  • Real-time logging to microSD card, USB drive, or FTP (optional)
  • Industrial construction for reliable operation with intuitive LED status ring
  • HDMI™-enabled option (Group 3/4 only)



Red Lion Flexedge® DA70A Advanced IIoT Gateway HDMI Enabled

FlexEdge® with HDMI, powered by Crimson®, enables you to effortlessly create real-time productivity scoreboard(s) within minutes! By utilizing the onboard HDMI® port and the capabilities of Crimson, you can quickly deploy customized dashboards to a smart TV. Easily adapt the displays to meet your specific requirements using Crimson’s advanced programming capabilities.

The modular design of the DA70A allows for up to three communications sleds to be added as requirements change or new communication standards emerge. With advanced networking capabilities, support for 300+ industrial drivers, and IIoT Cloud connectors, communicate with most any brand of PLC or other equipment, and securely transmit data to wherever it is required. Rugged, field-installable PID control and I/O modules ensure a solution that adapts to meet almost any industrial application need, while the diagnostic light ring offers at-a-glance insight into system operation. Powered by Crimson® 3.2, it is easy to configure secure communications or robust automation capabilities in minutes.

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