7″ Nexcom nHMI-07L Touchscreen HMI

Main Features:

  • Rich gallery of symbols and objects
  • Use the interface clearly and intuitive
  • Develop projects with easy to reach functions and properties
  • Support various automation protocols
  • Multi-language support
  • Allow users to visit anywhere and anytime
  • Password supports alphanumeric input
  • Panel or VESA 75mm x 75 mm mount, IP65 front bezel
  • ESD protection: level 4 (contact discharge 8KV, Air-Gap discharge 15KV), Class A


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7″ Nexcom nHMI-07L Touchscreen HMI

The Nexcom nHMI-07L is a visualisation solution, and the compiled program can run the HMI interface more easily. Tabs in the UI make developing projects straightforward. You can easily access functions and properties with just a few clicks.


  • Multilanguage applications. Easily create and manage your applications in multiple languages to meet global requirements. Far east languages are supported. Tools available in nHMI Developer support easy third-party translations and help reduce development and maintenance costs of the application
  • Data display in numerical, text, bar graph, analog gauges and graphic image formats
  • Rich set of state-of-the-art HMI features: data acquisition, alarm handling, scheduler and timed actions (daily and weekly schedules, exception dates), recipes, users and passwords, e-mail and RSS feeds, rotating menus
  • Includes support for a wide range of communication drivers for factory and building automation systems
  • Multiple drivers communication capability
  • Off-line simulation of the HMI application with nHMI Developer
  • Powerful scripting language for automating HMI applications. Script debugging improves efficiency in application development
  • Rich gallery of symbols and objects
  • Project templates


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