Elgens UK Distributor

Elgens UK Distributor

Elgens is a leading manufacturer of rugged computing solutions for harsh industrial environments. 

As an authorised Elgens UK Distributor, we supply a range of Elgens marine grade panel PCs. Elgens manufactures industrial panel PCs that are DNV compliant and certified TO IEC-60945, designed specifically for the maritime market. Their specialised computer systems are designed to meet demanding and sometimes hazardous conditions found in marine environments. The rugged hardware has inbuilt protection mechanisms that shield the technology from the impact caused by conditions such as high vibration, wide operating temperatures, and moisture.

Elgens LPC-P121W-3X

12.1″ Elgens LPC-P121W-3X Marine Grade Panel PC


15″ Elgens LPC-P150S-2X Marine Grade Panel PC

Elgens LPC-P173W-2X

17″ Elgens LPC-P170S-2X Marine Grade Panel PC

Elgens LPC-P240W-2X

24″ Elgens LPC-P240W-2X Marine Grade Panel PC

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