Partner Product Showcase: Wincomm Industrial Modular Panel PCs

This month, we are putting the spotlight on industrial computing specialists Wincomm and their Industrial Modular Panel PC WLPM Series.

What is it?

Wincomm has long been leaders in the industrial and medical computing field. The WLPM-900 series is an industrial scalable panel PC that is designed to give scalability for organisations operating in rugged conditions. The design consists of a box PC platform option with various panel sizes ranging from 15”, 17”, 19”, 21.5” to 23.8”. The WLPM series comes with the docking design, smart thermal management, waterproof and dustproof (IP66 front panel mount), and advanced computing power, utilising Intel® Coffee Lake-S Core™ processors to speed up data flow and increase system efficiency.

Key Features

Modular Design

The WLPM-900 series is designed with a docking structure and flexible modularisation panels. This makes it easy to reconfigure and make rapid changes in your IIoT environment. The modular design gives organisations the ability to adapt to changes in the market with agility, whilst also keeping hardware costs to a minimum. With the WLMP-900 series businesses can act more effectively in the market without the costs associated with large-scale hardware investment, giving them an edge over the competitors.

Unique Thermal Solutions

The WLPM-900 is designed to withstand harsh environments in rugged and challenging conditions. To maintain high computing performance with fan-less design, the WLPM-900 series uses smart thermal management by designing BIOS to control the CPU core speed, extending the operation temperature from 0℃ to 50℃. The smart thermal solution makes the WLPM series perfect for versatile industrial automatic environments, such as factory control, surveillance, smart kiosk, military uses, and communication centres.

Customisable Capability

The WLPM-900 series is equipped with various I.O. ports, USB3.1 up to 4 (optional USB 2.0), COM x 3, and LAN x 2. Wincomm also provides an accessible 2.5” HDD/SSD bay to easily replace or increase the storage without opening the back cover, and unique cable relief built into the unit to remove the stress on the cables from the IO. As well as these features, customers also get the option to customise the design of their panel PC. With optional add-on parts, such as 2nd HDD for RAID 0,1, PCIe (x16) riser card and customisation service, such as open frame, chassis type, and more. The customisable elements of the WLPM-900 series means that you can create a bespoke solution that is perfect for your business needs.

Want to know more?

We offer a variety of Modular Panel PCs from Wincomm, plus Stainless Steel Panel PCs, Stainless Steel Monitors and Industrial Panel PCs.

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