Partner Product Showcase: NowSignage CMS Platform Just Got Better


This month, we are putting the spotlight on digital signage specialist NowSignage, who has announced a series of new enhancements to their innovative digital signage CMS.


What is NowSignage?

NowSignage are a technology innovator who have changed the traditional digital signage market with their portfolio of high-spec solutions. They have released a series of enhancements to their CMS platform, which was originally launched in 2013. The CMS platform allows customers to deliver seamless static ads, videos, live YouTube streams, RSS news feeds, dashboards, and web views, as well as moderated social media posts and approved apps such as Microsoft PowerBI.


Key Features

New User Interface

The new interface has been redesigned to improve the user experience and give companies enriched feature options. The new interface creates a slick and effective digital signage platform for customers to effectively improve the retail experience.


Real-Time Content Triggers

Real-time content triggers give customers the opportunity to influence what they see instantly. This gives companies the ability to interact more effectively with their customer base and improve the service that they provide.


Targeted asset tagging

Targeted asset tagging means that companies are able to keep a record of their inventories more effectively. This means that they are able to manage the supply chain and also keep customers informed on stock levels.


Audience measurement

The new digital signage software is able to give companies an accurate representation of the number of customers in any given retail space. This helps businesses to see peaks and troughs in footfall and improve their knowledge of the business to create a platform for success.


Proof of play analytics

Proof of play analytics is designed to give you absolute peace of mind that a given file was played by the digital signage platform. This is useful as it allows businesses to see which files are being triggered most often, making their playback options more effective.


Want to know more?

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