Partner Product Showcase – Elo’s new Full HD Touchscreen Monitors


Key Highlights:

  • The bezel just got smaller. These new HD touchscreen monitors offer up to a 70% reduction in the bezel compared to similar models.
  • The touchscreen monitors are designed to fit into any space and can tilt from 20° to 70°. With their VESA-compatibility, they can be mounted on a wall or desktop, or configured to suit your needs.
  • Built-in speakers and integrated IO are included.
  • Designed for everyday use with a durable, energy efficient touchscreen.
  • Increased viewing comfort with low blue light and flicker free features.
  • Available in two sizes, 22” Elo 2270L and 24″ Elo 2470L


Applications of Elo’s Full HD Touchscreen Monitors

Innovation at the Point of Sale

The touchscreen monitors are ideally suited as a point-of-sale (POS) solution as the durable design makes them rugged enough for everyday public use. The low blue light screen reduces glare and allows for comfortable use, without adding unnecessary light levels to the shop floor, and the built-in speakers can be used to broadcast alerts or provide verbal instructions to customers. Every shop has a unique configuration at the POS. Luckily, Elo’s HD touchscreen monitors can be displayed on a desktop, mounted to a wall or on an integrated stand, delivering viewing flexibility from 20 to 70°. This means it can be used by people of various heights and at different angles with no compromise on viewing quality.


Getting Smart with Digital Signage

The option to make digital signage interactive dramatically increases its usefulness, and the rugged design of Elo’s new HD touchscreen monitors makes them a great choice for high footfall areas where they will be used frequently. They provide an energy efficient and flexible communication option that can be applied in different scenarios. For example, they may be used to direct the flow of foot traffic instore or provide information on public spaces and local businesses.


But Wait, There’s More

The possible uses for Elo’s HD touchscreen monitors don’t stop there. They can be used in a range of other scenarios such as self-service check-ins for hospitals, GP surgeries or hotels, as well as for applications like document signing and self-service interactive hubs in retail environments.


Designed for Energy Efficiency

Energy is an increasingly valuable resource, and careful use of electricity and power is crucial for both environmental and fiscal responsibility. Environmentally designed, Elo’s energy efficient HD touchscreen will help you see cost savings on your energy bill almost immediately. With its EU and UK regulation[1] approval and Energy Star 8.0 certification, they are built to perform to the highest standard. The HD touchscreens use less energy and reduce your business’s carbon footprint, which is incredibly important for businesses and government organisations now and for the future.


Elo’s HD touchscreen monitors can add a new interactive dimension to your business.

For more information, and to find out how these touchscreens can work for you, contact us today.




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