Partner Product Showcase: Advantech DS-082 4K Digital Signage Player

Last month we started a new series of blogs acknowledging the work of our partners who continue to deliver high performance products to a variety of industries. In the second in our series of partner product showcases we’re highlighting the slim and powerful DS-082 ultra-slim 4K Digital Signage Player from Advantech, in stock now at Distec.

What is it?

DS-082 is a powerful yet streamlined 4K digital signage solution with four displays delivering a high-impact visual experience. Powered by AMD Ryzen V1000/R1000 processors and integrated with AMD VEGA Graphics, DS-082 comes in an ultra-slim profile of just 19mm with fanless and cable-free design allowing for easy installation.

What does it offer?

DS–082 features a range of benefits including:

  • Slim design: With a small 18 x 19cm footprint and 19mm profile, DS–082 is the world’s slimmest digital signage player with four display outputs in UHD/FHD resolutions.
  • Solid system reliability: DS–082 is designed to be fanless and cableless for total reliability and easy maintenance. The WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn IoT device management software monitors signage devices in real-time, reducing the need for costly on-site support.
  • Multiway mounting: DS–082 offers a bracket that supports wall mount, VESA and DIN-rail mounting.
  • Excellent Cost/Performance: For DS-082GB-U6A1E, the price is lower than Intel U Series i3 SKU but performs much better.

Customisable Digital Signage Displays

Advantech’s DS–082 is integrated with both WISE-PaaS/SignageCMS multimedia content management software, which makes it easier for users to edit content layout and dispatch programmes, while the scheduling function allows real-time information and advertising campaign management.

Want to know more?

If your organisation is looking for sleek, customisable and high-performance digital signage then the Advantech DS–082 is the solution for you. Speak to one of our managers today to find out how we can help.

To learn more about Advantech DS-082, click here >


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