Spotlight On: How Nexcom’s AIEdge-X®500 Edge AI Computing System is Transforming Traffic Management in Bangkok

Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok, is home to more than 11 million people and is one of the world’s most visited cities. However, like other emerging cities in Southeast Asia, its rapid growth has led to an unprecedented challenge – traffic congestion.

Throughout the city there are an estimated 500 sets of traffic lights, but in many areas, they were previously controlled by traditional timers that did not adjust to actual traffic conditions.

In response, the Thai government launched the ‘Thailand 4.0 project’, which aimed to integrate artificial intelligence into existing traffic management systems for cities to optimise road conditions and enhance urban transportation planning. Our partner Nexcom’s AIEdge-X®500 AI Computing System was chosen as the ideal solution to lead the integration project.


Using AI to Improve Traffic Flow and Reduce Traffic Violations

Bangkok’s City Administration and Office of Transport, Traffic Policy and Planning developed a traffic management model that used Nexcom’s AIEdge-X®500 Edge AI Computing Systems to estimate congestion each hour, analyse bottlenecks and offer real-time solutions such as adjusting traffic lights in line with the volume of traffic.

Furthermore, Nexcom’s AIEdge-X®500’s LAN ports are connected to CCTV traffic cameras installed at intersections to record and perform license plate recognition to catch motorists who exceed speed limits, cross red lines or park their cars in no-parking zones.


Seamless Integration with Existing Traffic Management Systems

Nexcom’s AIEdge-X®500 Edge AI Computing System seamlessly integrates into existing traffic signal boxes. It is designed to deliver peak performance in the most challenging conditions, such as hot temperatures and humidity, which are characteristic of subtropical climates. The device runs efficiently within a temperature spectrum of 0°C to 45°C and a humidity range of 10% to 90%

Powered by Intel® 8th/9th Gen. Core™ processor, Nexcom’s AIEdge-X®500 integrates maximum graphic processing potential with support for large storage and peripheral and internal devices to effectively meet AI industrial requirements, from image processing and optimisation to machine and deep learning and machine vision.


Application Diagram

Edge AI Computer - AIEdge-X®500

Key Features for Application Needs

  • LGA1151 socket for 8th/9th Generation Intel® Core™ processor (35W/65W/95W*)
    *If 95W CPU is desired, please select P/N: 10W20X50001X0
  • 4x 2.5-inch HDD/SSD slot, supports RAID 0/1/5/10
  • Expandable PCle x16/PCle x4/PCI slots, perfect for graphics cards for easy connection
  • Suitable for all kinds of AI applications
  • 1x Intel® I219-LM GbE PHY and 1x Intel® I211 Gigabit Ethernet Controller
  • Supports Intel® AMT

The Future of Traffic Management

Nexcom’s AIEdge-X®500 Edge AI Computing Systems are expected to be deployed in 100 other locations across Thailand in the next two to three years. Embracing these new technologies will facilitate a shift to improved traffic management and a reduction in traffic violations across Bangkok and other transport hotspots across the country.


For more information on Nexcom’s AIEdge-X®500 Edge AI Computing Systems, click here.


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