Introducing Now Signage’s Capacity Management Feature for Retailers

Ensuring that social distancing and hygiene guidelines are adhered to in-store is not only essential for safety and legal reasons, but providing a safe and secure shopping experience is also going to be key in giving shoppers the confidence they need to return to the high-street.

In this light, Distec partner Now Signage collaborated with Philips Professional Display Solutions and Hikvision (both industry-leading specialists in their respective display and security sectors) to develop a solution to help retailers rebuild consumer confidence and dispel concerns around social distancing. Now Signage’s new Capacity Management App safeguards customers and employees by counting people to help maintain social distancing, displaying real-time capacity data on your digital signage screens in any given location.

Install sensors for people counting

Once a compatible ‘people counting’ camera has been installed above your entrance and activated within your Now Signage account, real-time data will then be sent straight from the sensor to Now Signage via the cloud. All data will be encrypted and only accessible to permitted users.

Add and schedule dashboards

On accessing the ‘Capacity Management’ app within your Now Signage account, you can add your camera locations, set the capacity limits for each location, customise your dashboards and then easily apply these real-time people counting dashboards to your digital signage screens.

Connect and activate digital signage

To display your live people counting dashboard, simply connect your SoC display or external media player to the internet, download the Now Signage App and enter a valid PIN. An immediate connection will then be established, and content will play securely.

Stores can easily control the flow of customers at their entrances via customer-facing screens, that automatically controls the flow of queuing customers. Customers waiting to enter a store are informed with fully customisable visual alerts, warning when occupancy limits are breached or when it is safe to enter.

Using the multi-zone layout capabilities within Now Signage, a user can divide their screen into multiple zones to allow the Capacity Management dashboard to display alongside other promotional content or public safety messaging. Furthermore, all data collected from the Capacity Management Feature can be pulled into reports to better understand customer flow and amend on-screen advertising and messaging accordingly.

Activating the Capacity Management App within NowSignage

To add the Capacity Management app to your project, simply go into the Now Signage in-platform App Store within your Now Signage account, select the “Capacity Management” app, and click “Enable App for Free”.

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