Evolving Beyond Intel NUC: Introducing NEXCOM’s Visual Edge Computers

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in Smart Cities


In July 2023, Intel officially discontinued its renowned line of NUC computers.  But fret not, we have exciting news! Our partner NEXCOM has stepped up with a wide array of visual edge computers, all powered by Intel® processors, ranging from Atom® to Core™ i.

Experience the brilliance of slim, thin, and fanless designs perfect for indoor and outdoor smart-city applications.


Outdoor Applications

  • Ticketing machines
  • Passenger information systems
Ticketing MachineApplication in the Passenger Information System
Visual Edge Computer - NDiS B338Visual Edge Computer - NDiS B360Visual Edge Computer - NDiS B561
NDiS B338
Wide Temp./Slim Atom®
NDiS B360
Wide Temp./Slim Core™
NDiS B561
High performance & Rich I/O

Indoor Applications

  • Self check-in
  • Self-service ordering machine
Application in the Self Check-inApplication in the Self-service Ordering Machine
Fanless Edge Computing System - Neu-X102-N50Fanless Edge Computing System - Neu-X303mini
Celeron® Edge Computing
Core™ i Edge Computing


Discover more about NEXCOM’s groundbreaking products and top-notch services on our website! Whether it’s digital signage, video analytics, or smart kiosks, we’ve got the right solution for you.

For more information about the best alternative product to Intel NUC computers, contact us today.




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