Success Story: ELO Touchscreens provided by Distec help SG World Digitise Visitor Management


The background

SG World are leaders in visitor and contractor management systems, health and safety solutions and a wide range of innovative products. The company works with over 20,000 UK businesses and schools to implement tailored solutions that help those institutions stay safe and compliant.

SG World’s tried and trusted solutions help implement best practice processes with minimal administrative overheads. They are widely used in the education sector, for example in school receptions with a high volume of foot traffic and regular use.

SG World promises customers a 5D visitor experience and its cloud-based touchscreen management system focuses on welcoming, identifying and tracking visitors, contractors, students, and staff from the moment they enter.

Digitised visitor management is based on four key principles, site security, visitor experience, health & safety compliance and saving time. The challenge SG World faced was delivering this experience across multiple devices, all supplied by different manufacturers. The lack of product continuity led to problems such as units overheating, burning out or generally not being fit for purpose.


The solution

With Distec’s vast experience in supplying industrial hardware, SG World approached them to see if they could offer a solution that could deliver a 5D visitor experience for its varied customer base.

The company needed a robust system that was suitable for different working environments and one that could cope with 24/7 usage. Having consulted with experts from Distec, it was decided that the best fit for SG World would be ELO I-Series Touchscreen PCs.

The I-Series delivers commercial-grade computing with the capabilities, security, and enterprise infrastructure of a powerful, Windows-based platform; all in a sleek, yet durable fixed tablet form.

A key appeal of the ELO I-Series was its versatility. It has a range of peripherals that can seamlessly attach to the touchscreen, meaning it can be easily adapted to fit the working environment it’s needed for. From retail and entertainment to corporate offices and signage, the I-Series was the ideal choice to meet the level of continued customer usage SG World needed.


The benefits

One of the most appealing benefits of adopting Distec’s ELO Touchscreen technology was it reduced the number of suppliers required, allowing SG World to centre its procurement around a trusted, highly performing supplier and manufacturer relationship, therefore streamlining their financial and operational processes.

Prior to the move to Distec a proportion of SG World customers were experiencing issues with previous products provided by alternative suppliers. However, since the move to ELO Touchscreen units the risk of overheating has been eradicated and the number of reported issues is now less than one per cent. Distec is also well-equipped to keep stock for call off orders with a large storage warehouse.

Darren Till, Group Buyer at SG World, said: “Our relationship with Distec began three years ago and it continues to go from strength to strength. Their expertise, delivery and customer service are of the highest standard. We were confident in our decision-making process when we selected Distec to supply our touchscreen technology and they have exceeded our expectations.

“As a business we pride ourselves on providing our customers with innovative solutions and the adoption of ELO I-Series Touchscreen technology has ensured we can deliver a comprehensive digitised visitor experience. We now have a solution that is capable of operating to its full potential in any working environment and our customers continue to see the benefits of this.”

Noel Sheppard, General Manager at Distec added: “Our objective is to help customers excel in their digital transformation journey. We are proud to be delivering fit-for-purpose solutions that meet their specific requirements for public and private sector customers. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with SG World and we look forward to a continued fruitful partnership.”


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