Delivering a Sustainable Future: CKS to Upgrade Industrial Computer Systems in Line with New Environmental Policy

The UK generates 23.9 kg of e-waste per capita, the second-highest amount globally. However, research suggests that by 2024, the UK will become the number one contributor. The same study found that if current trends continue, the UK will produce just under 55,000 tonnes of e-waste by 2030.

Why are we generating so much e-waste? The ever-evolving nature of technology has led to shorter electronic lifecycles, which creates waste that has a significant environmental impact. However, to tackle this and reduce e-waste, the government introduced the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, which aims to ensure that 85% of electronic waste in the UK is recycled and recovered.


What is Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)?

The UK’s WEEE Regulations implement the EU WEEE Directive and apply to all businesses that import, manufacture or re-brand electrical and electronic equipment in the UK. WEEE regulations aim to reduce the amount of e-waste incinerated or sent to landfill sites. It encourages the recovery, reuse and recycling of products and components.


Unlocking the Benefits of Upgrading Old Technology with CKS Global Solutions

Our partner, CKS Global Solutions Ltd (CKS), is committed to supporting the WEEE Regulations and has introduced a new environmental policy to minimise the impact of day-to-day operations on the environment. The policy has four key objectives, including:

  • Endeavour to recycle as much CKS manufacturing waste as possible.
  • Re-use packaging materials from CKS and its suppliers.
  • Work to reduce excessive packaging.
  • Comply with all UK and EU environmental directives.

Furthermore, as part of CKS’s new environmental policy they will allow existing customers to return their CKS Industrial Computing Systems to undergo key-component upgrades or be recycled in line with WEEE legislation. Customers may keep their old casing, which meets current sustainability standards. The following components are included in the computing system upgrade:

  • Motherboard
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Operating system
  • Touchscreen (if required)
  • New warranty

CKS’s new upgrade offering aims to support its customers with the implementation of WEEE Regulations and make the process of achieving a sustainable future easier.


CKS Global Solutions WEEE Collection Process

If you’re a Distec customer and have purchased a CKS industrial computing system in the UK or EU on or after August 13, 2005, and are planning to dispose of them, please don’t. Any products eligible for WEEE will carry specific labelling and can be reused or recycled. CKS has implemented a new return and collection system to help customers discard WEEE products. Once collected, items are audited and screened, and any items that are not reusable will be recycled.

While the WEEE legislation doesn’t apply to products purchased before August 13, 2005, CKS will consider requests to take back historical waste. However, a small management fee may apply.

If you would like to upgrade your existing CKS Industrial Computing Systems or return your old units, please contact us here for more information.


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