Delivering a Seamless Retail Experience with Interactive Touchscreens


The pandemic has forced most of our shopping from brick-and-mortar stores to online outlets. The trend had already been gathering pace in recent years, but the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have accelerated it further, with 63% of all purchases now beginning online. With that in mind, it is essential that physical retail stores work harder to entice customers back to their stores.

One area in which retailers are able to compete with online shopping is the in-person experience they are able to create. The rise of online purchases has coincided with an increase in customers who value the shopping experience but, while e-commerce stores are able to provide speed and convenience, they cannot replicate the feeling of walking into a brick-and-mortar store.

Drawing consumers away from their screens can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. In fact, technology can be just as transformative for in-store experiences as it is for e-commerce. Interactive touchscreens, for example, can be a powerful tool in your arsenal to showcase offers and products that might have been previously missed by customers, as well as give vital information about the products or store itself. The question is how does this technology captivate your customers?


Increase sales

Implementing an interactive touch screen kiosk into your business has the ability to significantly increase your sales. Interactive kiosks have a number of features that enhance your sales strategy such as presenting promotional messages and recommendations for products. They are also able to perform these tasks automatically and intelligently, striking the right balance to avoid pushing the customer too hard and becoming overbearing. This is because they are able to utilise a record of a customer’s buying behaviours and their favourite brands to make relevant recommendations. Interactive screen technology is also able to entice customers with deals and savings, allowing them to save money while increasing sales.


Reduce Costs

When you install interactive touch screens into a retail environment, it will often lower the business’s operational costs. This is achieved either by reducing your number of staff or by increasing the productivity of the incumbent staff by reducing the pressure they are under. Interactive screens can be applied to a variety of scenarios. For example, they can be used to answer customer inquiries, check the availability of products, and provide product information, helping customers while also reducing costs.


Increased Brand Awareness

In today’s fast-paced, competitive retail environment brand recognition is playing an increasingly important role in a business’ long-term strategy. Digital signage both increases foot traffic and recognition simultaneously which makes it an attractive revenue stream for your suppliers.

If you are running an e-commerce site alongside your brick and mortar, offering technology is also a great way to create a seamless experience between the two and interactive touchscreens can marry convenience and a positive experience together.


By working with Distec, you can access a range of interactive touchscreens from manufacturers such as ELO and Advantech, which are perfectly designed to fit any retail environment. With screens ranging from 10 to 65 inches, these can be applied in a variety of ways such as self-checkout (SCO), advertising, point of sale (POS), end of aisle, price checkers or even gift registry. To find out more about our Retail solutions, contact us here.

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