UVU Indoor Floor Screen Enclosures

Main Features:

  • Available for screen sizes of 40″ – 43″, 46″ – 49″ and 55″
  • Internal adjustable portrait display mount
  • 2 point inlet and outlet filtered fans
  • Cable access panel
  • PC Mounts
  • Portable


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UVU Indoor Floor Screen Enclosures are specifically designed for indoor applications and sealed to IP43, the indoor totem range is robust, and aesthetically designed, without compromising functionality.  All UVU enclosures are available in a variety of colours, textures and finishes including high-gloss, and tempered glass.

Enclosures are manufactured from aluminium, welded for maximum strength and then powder coated (colour optional), giving durability and protection.  The access panels, front and rear are tool removable permitting full access for serviceability.  The front is fitted with a window with Anti Reflective coating as standard.  Inside the housing would be an internal portrait mount for the display, on our patent pending screen mounting system that can move the display to either the front viewing window or to the rear of the housing, allowing the unit to accommodate screen depths up to 75mm.