Advantech UNO-220-P4N2 Industrial IoT Edge Gateway

Main Features:

  • Industrial-grade gateway kit provides RPi-ready solutions for rapid prototyping
  • Protects from dust accumulation and extreme temperatures
  • Industrial I/O board with additional RS-232/485 and GPIO ports
  • PoE functionality enables power support via an Ethernet cable
  • Battery-backed RTC for fail-safe time keeping
  • Built-in TPM provides hardware-based security for data protection
  • OS enables automatic system identification and configuration of GPIOs and drivers
  • Supports wall mounting and DIN-rail installation for industrial applications
  • LED indicators enable easy maintenance


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Advantech UNO-220-P4N2 Industrial IoT Edge Gateway

Industrial Raspberry Pi 4 HAT Gateway Kit with POE function, TPM, 1 x RS-232/485, 8 x GPIO, 8 GB SD Card, and AdvRaspbian OS.

Advantech UNO-220-P4N2 Industrial-grade gateway is designed for customers using Raspberry Pi 4 (RPi 4) single-board computers (SBCs) in IoT applications. Featuring a system-image OS equipped micro SD card, an RPi 4 HAT I/O board, additional RS-232/485 GPIOs, and an RTC battery backup for precise time keeping.

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