How Shelf-edge Displays give your Business the Competitive Edge

Digital signage has become a staple in retail spaces over the last few years and one of the fastest-growing technologies has been shelf-edge displays.

Shelf edge displays are digital signage solutions that fit on shelf edges to display important information to customers such as prices and in-store offers. They are a low-cost, environmentally friendly alternative to paper inserts and have been proven to enhance the shopping experience. In this blog, we look at some of the ways these small but mighty additions can help your business thrive.

In-Store Point of sale

The correlation between in-store advertising and increased sales is well-documented. In fact, 76% of purchase decisions are made right on the shelf-edge. Digital signage on your shop floor in the form of shelf-edge displays takes the promotion and advertising of individual products or lines to a whole new level. It empowers retailers with the ability to send real-time, highly localised, and targeted offers and promotions direct to their customers with the click of a button.

Improved Customer Experience

Experiential retail is becoming more important to retailers who want to be able to maintain their brick-and-mortar stores. We have previously shown how gesture signage helps to create a more inclusive experience in retail. Shelf edge displays are a powerful extension of this type of experiential retail, delivering highly personalised experiences to the customer and a huge amount of added value.

Integration of e-commerce and Brick and Mortar

Shelf edge displays can also be hugely influential in integrating a business’s e-commerce and mortar arms. As well as in-store messaging, the interactive displays can act as a conduit between the store and the online world. Product recommendations, reviews, and even dynamic pricing methods can all be integrated so that the retail store can compete effectively. The displays are also able to give retailers the agility to respond to the market in the same way that e-commerce operators can do so.

Technology such as digital signage, and specifically shelf-edge displays, will become more important for retailers looking to future-proof their businesses. Shelf edge displays can give businesses a competitive edge when it comes maximising sales, creating a positive customer experience, and cultivating agility in the market.

At Distec we supply industry-leading shelf-edge displays from Advantech. Their 23.1” stretched monitor has an ultra-thin, high-resolution display with both touch and non-touch options available. For more details contact us here.

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