Enhance the Customer Experience with Gesture-Enabled Digital Signage Solutions

The last year has been difficult for most businesses, especially those working in the retail industry. The pandemic has seen much of the industry closed for a large proportion of 2020 when the UK went into lockdown. Even as the industry begins to open up once more, there are still legitimate safety concerns for both customers and business owners and balancing safety with the need to reopen is a challenge facing many retailers.

Despite the time that has been lost during the pandemic, the industry hasn’t been short of innovation. The rise of new technologies such as gesture-enabled digital signage solutions helps to create a positive customer experience that consumers can enjoy whilst also ensuring a safer environment for shoppers and employees.

The rise of digital signage has been exponential in the last couple of years and gesture-enabled digital signage is the next logical step for businesses to take. Studies have shown that gesture signage keeps customers’ attention for a ‘significantly’ longer amount of time. The more time that customers spending in-store, the more they are likely to buy.

The new technology works by using a camera that can identify the person who is interacting with it. The camera is then able to submit that data and interpret gestures from customers to carry out a particular action. This kind of technology is able to bring in a host of benefits for businesses, such as:

  1. Safety

Safety is a huge concern for retailers and as such is a top priority. Traditional digital signage has a raft of benefits for retailers such as maintaining safe customer numbers or directing customers as part of a social distancing policy. Gesture-enabled technology takes this one step further by removing the need to interact physically with the screens, which means people aren’t touching the same surface where germs or bacteria could harbour. This helps to reduce the risks of contamination for both shoppers and staff and is one less thing that has to be meticulously cleaned throughout the day.

  1. Experiential retail

Gesture-enabled solutions also help to create a unique retail experience. With the advent of online shopping and the rise of e-commerce, brick and mortar retail has become less about the products themselves and more about the shopping experience. Customers are looking to enjoy the process of shopping in-store and a positive brand interaction is a key part of a strong forward-looking business strategy. Gesture digital signage helps to provide a novel way for businesses to interact with their customers, differentiating the in-store experience from a business’ e-commerce offering.

  1. Maximise Sales

Digital signage has a number of benefits that help businesses maximise sales and gesture-enabled screens help businesses to utilise these benefits even more. It can be used to show customers products that they might be interested in based on preferences and in real-time. This improves customer service by freeing up employees, improving the productivity of staff around the store.

It’s important that retailers evolve according to the changing needs of the consumer and in light of the pandemic. At Distec we can help you choose the right technology for your business. If you would like to find out more about our digital signage solutions, contact us here.

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