Why Rugged Technology is a key Component in the Oil and Gas Industry

As oil and gas companies look to the ends of the earth to find reserves, operators find themselves working in increasingly harsh conditions. Extreme environments, coupled with mounting regulatory pressure, means maintaining safety protocols alongside an efficient operation is becoming more challenging. More than ever companies are looking to technology and data to manage the challenges of the environment safely and efficiently in a competitive industry.

Oil and gas companies across the globe rely on our partner Red Lion to keep operations running smoothly whether in a desert, an ice field or even the ocean. Their new solution, the FlexEdge™ Intelligent Edge Automation Platform, combines a rugged design, adaptability and ease of use to give oil and gas companies the edge over their competitors.

Why FlexEdge is fit for purpose

FlexEdge™ is an edge automation platform that enables oil and gas companies to bring their industrial data together from remote locations more effectively than ever before. Its advanced networking capabilities mean that providing powerful and secure networking to operations in any environment is enabled with point and click simplicity. The FlexEdge is a dependable solution for control, networking and data visualisation wherever businesses find themselves.

FlexEdge delivers a range of benefits to oil and gas operators including:

Built-in flexibility

Technology in the oil and gas industry moves quickly, especially in terms of communication. However, it can be challenging to change components of a system without having to update entire infrastructures. This can have huge capital implications for companies as they weigh up the costs versus the benefits of updating technologies. The FlexEdge is designed in a way that organisations are able to leverage new communication technologies in tandem with the platform as and when they become available. As regulatory demands increase in the industry, this helps to avoid costly rip-and-replace scenarios. Without the need to constantly invest in new hardware, the FlexEdge keeps capital budgets in check.

Adapting to business needs

As operational needs change, businesses require a solution that is able to keep up. The adaptability of the FlexEdge means that it is able to address changes as they occur and unlike fixed-function devices, FlexEdge does not have to ‘learn’ multiple products or systems. It is equally capable of monitoring the drilling process at the same time as sending distribution data to off-site personnel. Users are also able to add up to 10 hot-swappable I/O modules that provide high-density analogue, discrete, PID, relay and SSR options. This helps to improve the efficiency and productivity of pumps, optimising their performance through the use of real time information.

Rugged by design

With oil and gas companies embarking on projects in increasingly harsh environments across the globe, the need for reliable technology has become paramount. The FlexEdge is able to work efficiently in temperatures ranging from -40°C all the way 75°C giving it the ability to operate almost anywhere in the world. The FlexEdge’s rugged design and global hazardous location ratings (UL Class 1, Division 2, and ATEX/IECEx) means that buyers can be certain of its durability in any scenario.

Remote reporting

Due to the hazardous nature of many of the environments that the FlexEdge operates in, and with technical employees working from remote locations, it is essential that operators receive data in real time. FlexEdge is able to deliver remote reports with the wireless connectivity between transducers and the remote sensors at wellheads providing up to date visibility via secure communication channels. When leaks are detected by the sensors, not only does the FlexEdge detect the leak but it also proactively sends text and email alerts, simultaneously activating a shutdown valve to reduce the financial and environmental costs.

Cutting edge security

Cybercrime can impact any connected device, which could have huge implications for oil and gas providers. FlexEdge has advanced security features including a stateful firewall, access control list (ACL), packet filtering, and VPN connections ensuring secure networks across on-premise and cloud environments.

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