Why Rugged Panel PCs are the best solution for the Food Processing industry


Panel PCs have been helping businesses modernise their processes for a number of years, and one of the industries reaping the benefits is food processing. In fact, panel PCs are one of the most effective ways to embed computing power in a food production setting. The unique design means they can speed up production, improve hygiene, and enhance processes overall. As well as displaying flexibility, their rugged design and anti-bacterial housing means they can withstand the rigours of working in the food production industry, without endangering customers.


But what exactly are the benefits of rugged panel PCs in food production?


Built to last

While the initial setup cost of commercial touchscreens PCs seems more attractive in comparison to purpose-built rugged PCs, the chances are that the former would need replacing more regularly when used in intense environments like food production.

Rugged Panel PCs are designed to be used in a range of challenging scenarios from manufacturing to healthcare. This means that they are able to cope with the regular usage and antibacterial clean downs that you would expect to see in food processing. This ultimately saves on lifetime hardware costs as the panel PCs have a longer shelf-life than their commercial counterparts.


Enhanced hygienic housing

Panel PCs are often designed with flexibility in mind and as such have features that are applicable across a number of industries. In food production it is imperative that produce is processed and packaged in accordance with Food Standards Agency regulations. As a result, many are built to meet industry-standard hygiene ratings, with anti-bacterial housing and reinforced touchscreens to keep the workspace as clean as possible.


Data is king in food processing

Data can become a powerful tool in the production line. Panel PCs can be installed strategically across the factory floor where they can be used to deliver vital information to staff members working across the processing plant. This helps to improve both the speed and accuracy of communication, even when the communications are coming from offsite. A more informed workforce is able to respond to changes with more agility, improving productivity and efficiency.

Information can also be extracted from machinery on the factory floor and displayed on ruggedised panel PCs on site. This data can then be used to display vital information about the manufacturing process in real-time, helping managers make informed decisions about production. This has a whole host of benefits from improved productivity to greater safety standards.


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