Why Custom-Built PCs are the Best Fit for Industrial Automation

For most businesses, off-the-shelf PCs seem a natural choice. The user interface and applications feel familiar, and it can be cost effective when purchasing smaller quantities. This means rolling them out across an entire workforce seems far easier to manage and maintain. However, the reality is that PCs and monitors from more mainstream suppliers have a number of limitations when trying to expand deployment on an industrial scale.

Shortcomings with off-the-shelf

Using an off-the-shelf solution means that the software and operating system running on the computer is likely to be standard specification, which leaves little room for upgrades or expansions without adding external hard drives. So, while it seems straightforward to purchase pre-built PCs, you will certainly encounter problems with customisation and scalability in the future.

Take for example automotive manufacturing. Cars are made up of hundreds of parts that are picked and fitted in a specific order; a process that is now quite frequently managed by robotic arms. These machines transmit a huge amount of data and require highspeed processors to ensure the entire operation runs smoothly; if one element fails, the whole production line is brought to a halt and in manufacturing, time costs money. It is the same situation in other industries; from food processing to pharmaceuticals.

Benefits of custom-built PCs

The benefit of installing custom-built PCs is that you can create a setup that suits your specific needs. If you transmit large data packages across machines, you can incorporate more RAM into your specification. If you want to add a large number of peripheral devices to your PCs, then you will need PCI Cards for additional I/O’s. If you want to add a company logo to all your PCs, you can include branded shells. It is the flexibility to create high performance hardware that makes custom PC’s a natural fit for large industrial operations.

At Distec, we create bespoke fit for purpose solutions with customisable RAM, I/O expansion, RAID software/hardware, redundancy and backup, custom imaging SSD/Storage, Operating System, PCI Cards, WiFi and branding available.

Speak to one of our managers about your requirements and how we can help: +44 (0) 161 777 4273.

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