Self-service kiosks are interactive digital touchscreens that customers can use to carry out tasks themselves without requiring a customer assistant.

Automation is a huge trend right now which shows no signs of slowing down. Whether it’s incorporating speech recognition, virtual agents or machine learning, many businesses have been embracing AI in their self-service technologies, and kiosks are a great way to implement these new ways of working easily and efficiently.

Self-service is one of the fastest growing channels within the customer support sector, shaped by the demand for timely valuable content, available whenever the customer requires it. Self-service kiosks have an always-on response, providing constant customer support which can translate into high quality customer service.

Many consumers are already familiar with touchscreens, meaning they are able to easily adapt to self-service kiosks, which can provide numerous benefits to both your business and your customers.

In this blog, we take a look at the top benefits of self-service kiosks to businesses.


  1. Ease of Adoption and Integration
    Self-service kiosks are available in many shapes and sizes and the ultra-small form factor hardware makes it easy to integrate the technology into any type of space, including high-traffic and high footfall environments. In addition, kiosk software can be adapted to meet emerging business needs, meaning each kiosk purchased does not need to be replaced in order to perform new functions.
  2. Multiple Features
    An innovative aspect of self-service kiosks is their ability to perform multiple functions. For example, a train station ticket machine can handle a range of tasks to assist a passenger. Most interactive kiosks in modern stations can search for tickets, upsell additional services, place the order, make the payment, print the tickets and show on screen advertising.
  3. Capture Customer Data
    Kiosks are a powerful way to capture customer data, resulting in personalised upsell opportunities or displaying the most efficient way of customer support. Self-service units can be programmed to show customers targeted promotions in the form of offers or additional products. This interaction is often more effective than upselling by a retail assistant, and it has been shown that with autonomy, transactions are usually higher.
  4. Increased Efficiency
    A major benefit of self-service kiosks is the efficiency they can provide a business. It is important to highly value the time of your customers in order to make their interactions with your business convenient and user-friendly.  Customers do not want to be waiting in a queue and by implementing time-saving strategies, like kiosks, you are able to cut wait times thus improving customer experience and the chance of returning business.
  5. Increased Profits
    Interactive kiosks deliver a huge return on investment for companies in a number of ways. Once purchased, they offer more services at a lower cost, as they can save on labour costs. Another key advantage is that they reduce human miscalculation error and prevent cash handling risks, especially when combined with machine learning and AI capabilities.


How Distec Can Help

The combination of the above benefits of self-service kiosks, all contribute towards an improvement in customer satisfaction, with more loyal customers who will return for repeat purchases.

Distec provide a range of all-in-one interactive touch solutions combined with powerful media players. Our interactive kiosks have a tough and tamperproof design for 24/7 operation in public spaces. We provide a range of various styles, which can all be customised to meet your needs.

For detailed advice on choosing the right interactive self-service kiosk for your organisation, get in touch with us today.


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