Elo Huddle Kit

Main Features:

  • All components have been purpose-built to work together, providing users with a turnkey solution driven by a single power supply
  • Connect teams and information in real-time to empower faster, more reliable decision making and collaboration
  • Software agnostic platform supporting all major web conferencing applications


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Elo Huddle Kit

As corporate offices begin to open, collaboration via video conferencing will be essential in this new hybrid working environment of office-based and remote employees. By pairing Elo’s Huddle Kit with an award-winning interactive display, IT leaders can simply add their collaboration software to provide a complete interactive system that fosters engagement amongst users, regardless of location.

Each kit includes Elo’s Conference Camera and i5 Windows 10 Computer Module complete with a pre-loaded intuitive dashboard for easy navigation to the pre-installed whiteboarding and wireless BYOD content-sharing software. The dashboard also allows for quick access to any 3rd party video conferencing and office productivity software.

Complete with DisplayNote Launcher’s intuitive dashboard for easy navigation to your collaboration apps, Montage for your wireless BYOD content sharing, and Qwizdom’s robust annotation and whiteboarding solutions.

32″ to 65″ Interactive Displays
Elo’s Interactive Displays, available in PCAP or IR with anti-glare, offer a sleek, slim design built to withstand the rigors of continuous commercial use.

Conference Camera
The Conference Camera delivers full HD video with wide viewing angles, an adjustable slider and a 30° tilt that supports both vertical and horizontal adjustment.

Elo Computer Module
Elo’s powerful i5 Windows 10 computer module seamlessly integrates with the 03/53-Series displays, making installation a breeze. And with an open platform to support enterprise applications, simply load your 3rd-party software and start collaborating.