Elo ECMG3 Windows Computer Modules

Main Features

  • Integrates touch computing & Digital Signage
  • Commercial Grade
  • i7 models offer Intel® vProTM which includes Intel Active Management Technology
  • No external cables required – AC power, video and USB signals pass between the computer module and the Elo IDS display via an internal docking connector
  • Quick-access hard drive for easy initial imaging and field service


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The Elo Computer Modules (ECM) offer commercial-grade reliability and feature Intel® Core™ 6th Generation CPUs with enhanced graphics engine. Available with Intel i3,  i5 and i7 processors for Microsoft®.  Windows® 10, Windows 7 or no operating system, the ECMs can be used to transform the 3202L, 4202L, 4602L, 5502L, 5551L and 7001LT touchscreen monitors into powerful touch computer platforms with compatibility to most content management servers. The ECMs can also help enable customer engagement and immersive brand experiences by adding a new exciting dimension to traditional broadcast digital signage – the power of touch. Using Elo’s computer modules instead of a separate external device can reduce complexity, provide added reliability, minimise mounting profile and reduce installation/maintenance costs.

Centralised management and security capabilities of Microsoft Windows ensures compatibility with many content management servers and web-based consoles for seamless connection with the internet, digital marketing, interactive whiteboard, building directory, virtual receptionist, and point-of-information (POI) applications. The ECM can also support optimal partitioning of locally cached and network stored content, allowing developers to monitor and deploy content via device-to-device or web connections.

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