32″ Elo 3202L Interactive Digital Signage

Main Features:

  • 32″ touchscreen signage display
  • Responsive interactive canvas for leveraging a variety of content
  • The 2 inches (51 mm) thin (<4” mounted) design is compliant with ADA and IBC protrusion requirements
  • Reliable, integrated IDS solution with optional NFC / RFID scanners and webcam kits
  • Flexible mounting in portrait, landscape and table-top orientation




32″ Elo 3202L Interactive Digital Signage

Add interactivity to any environment with Elo’s 3202L 32″ touchscreen display. With a brilliant and responsive interactive canvas for leveraging a variety of content, the professional-grade large format display is well-suited for creating engaging experiences. From endless aisle and brand experiences to way-finding and collaboration, Elo’s touchscreen displays from 10 to 70 inches offer everything you need in a sleek, slim design and are built to withstand the rigors of continuous public use.

The Elo 3202L 32″ Interactive Digital Signage is available with two touch technology options. Both enable 10+ touch for multi-user interaction with fast and sensitive responses.  Projected capacitive (PCAP) offers edge-to-edge glass with touch thru performance. Infrared (IR) offers ease of scalability to larger sizes with an extra level of protection against scratches.

Available with Elo’s industry leading TouchPro® Projected Capacitive (PCAP) enabling up to 12 touches and Infrared (IR) touch technology with up to 20 touches. Both touch technologies provide a fast and extremely sensitive response that are compatible with Microsoft Windows® 7, Windows 10 and Android 7.1 operating systems. Additionally, the PCAP display provides the optimal large format, “smart phone like” touch experience with edge-to-edge glass aesthetics that is easy to clean with no edges to trap dirt and grease.

Other screen sizes are available from 32” to 70”
Elo’s interactive digital signage screens come in different sizes; 32″ Elo 3243L, 42″ Elo 4202L, 42″ Elo 4243L, 46″ Elo 4602L, 55″ Elo 5553L (4K), 55” Elo 5502L, 55” Elo 5551L (4K), 65” Elo 6553L (4K) and 70” Elo 7001LT.

We also supply a range of non-touch large format displays from Vestel Visual Solutions.

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