10.1″ ecom Tab-Ex Pro DZ2 Android Tablet for Zone 2/22 & DIV 2

Main Features:

  • 10.1″ Android Tablet for Zone 2/22 & DIV 2
  • Operating system – Android™ 9.0
  • Memory – 4 GB RAM, Up to 512 GB, additional memory via microSD
  • Samsung DeX – Connect to keyboard, mouse, and monitor
  • Dedicated keys – User programmable buttons (alarm key, camera, etc.)
  • Two cameras – 13 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash + 8 MP camera
  • Power – Powerful replaceable battery (7400 mAh)
  • Extended temperature range –20 °C … +55 °C
  • Connectivity – WiFi standard 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, WiFi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, Bluetooth® 5.0
  • Ports – Pogo pin for power supply and data transmission,  USB-C for accessories


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ecom Tab-Ex Pro DZ2 – 10.1″ Android Tablet for Zone 2/22 & DIV 2

ecom Tab-Ex Pro DZ2 from the Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom expands the Tab-Ex series as the world’s first 10-inch Android tablet for hazardous areas.

The Tab-Ex Pro’s large display is ideal for demanding applications and for accessing web-based content. In addition, it allows employees to easily transition from working in the field to working at the office. Supported by Samsung DeX, the tablet allows a full desktop experience.

Designed for Industry 4.0

  • ecom developed the Tab-Ex® Pro to keep up with Industry 4.0 and the associated demands on mobile devices. The new tablet enables customers to meet the challenges of digitalization while simplifying the way employees work in increasingly complex environments.
  • The tablet’s 10-inch screen is perfectly suited for displaying and interacting with interactive, web-based, and augmented reality content and apps, even in hazardous areas. Additionally, the multi-touch display offers good readability in direct sunlight. The tablet can also be operated with gloves and the Samsung S Pen. The Tab-Ex® Pro is lightweight and easy to use despite its large screen and rugged construction.
  • With ARCore, the Tab-Ex® Pro is designed for augmented reality applications and other Industry 4.0 tasks. This makes the device a useful tool today and for the applications of the future. The device also supports the lone worker concept, which means it can protect employees distributed across a wide geographical area.

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