Partner Product Showcase: AOPEN KP180 Meeting Webcam

This month, we are putting the spotlight on digital signage specialist AOPEN and the KP180 webcam.

What is it?

The KP180 is the perfect webcam for meetings. With a 180° viewing angle the camera is able to make sure that all participants will be “in the picture” and removes irritating blind spots. This is achieved by using two cameras and stitching both of the images together into one, enabling a full undistorted video image that captures the whole room.

The KP180 also enables users to have a perfect picture quality in 4K resolution without distortion. The camera can also be used as a standalone product, or in combination with the Kampano software that has inbuilt features to make meetings even more comfortable.

Key Features

Real 180° View

Most webcams have a 90° or even 60° viewing angle, which gives a limited view and means during online meetings not everybody can be seen. In a society where online meetings are becoming an increasing staple of office life, a webcam that can capture a whole room gives businesses improved meeting capacity, especially when there is a need to socially distance. The dual-camera system, perfectly “stitched” to one view, ensures a very accurate picture quality without distortion, unlike when using a “fisheye” lens system.

One image with all, or multiple with one

The Kampano software suite allows you to select either the full image or multiple images with one person, including his or her name. The software can split the image and makes everybody visible, and it can even track people when they change seat or move around. The KP180 is also able to give you flexibility. The camera can be mounted on top or underneath a screen which means it can be tilted manually and electronically to ensure the best viewing position for the meeting.

The Camera

The camera itself comes with a number of great hardware features. The camera comes with a USB and standard UVC, so any device from manufacturers such as Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, etc will be able to recognise it. There is a shutter for the lens so that no “spying” possible outside of meeting times. An omnidirectional microphone makes sure that everyone can be heard wherever they are in the room. Other features include a button to change FoV (field of view), resolution, a small and light design, a clip to mount the camera to a screen, a standard camera screw for a tripod, a double-sided tape for mounting it underneath a screen, and a 2m USB cable.

Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about the KP180 meeting webcam from AOPEN, contact us here.

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