Partner Product Showcase: Advantech’s POC-6 Series

This month, we are putting the spotlight on leading provider of industrial computing solutions Advantech, and their new POC-6 series of high-performance, medical grade terminals.

What is it?

Advantech’s new-generation POC-6 Series provides next generation high-performance computing in a new design that incorporates the high quality and performance you expect from the medical grade computing specialists.

The POC-6 series medical grade point of care terminals are designed for a diverse range of medical applications that enable greater efficiency in a number of medical settings. The ultra-thin terminals are compliant with IEC 60601 safety standards for medical devices. The series consists of a 15,6”, 21” and 24” display with touch screen capabilities, making it user-friendly with improved efficiency.


What does Advantech’s POC-6 Series offer?

As well as the improved display and touch screen features, the 8th Generation Intel Core that the POC-6 Series uses doubles the available processing power when compared to previous POC’s. The implementation of the NVME SSD as the new standard storage solution means that the processing power can be harnessed alongside a data speed that is up to 7x faster.

Cloud computing is also fully supported with the POC-6 Series, as the new Support for Intel® Wifi 9260 Series achieves up to 12x the speed of previous platforms. Cloud computing is therefore guaranteed to not be a slow Wifi issue anymore.

The Wise-DeviceOn allows you to monitor your device list and status, SW/HW health monitoring,

storage predictive maintenance and device events in real time. This assists you in managing, tracking, securing, and sustaining your devices.

The extension bay at the back of each new POC terminal gives users access to several new modules, expanding the POC-6 Series with new functions including battery modules, camera modules and gesture sensors.

The POC-6 series is also built with infection control in mind, with the whole system IP54-rated for protection from water and dust ingress (front panel IP65), further increasing user safety and contagion management. Advantech have also tested the terminal against cleaning agents such as 75% Alcohol, 95% Alcohol, Glutaral dehyde [C5H8O2], 2% concentration, Isopropyl alcohol [(CH3)2CHOH], 70% concentration, Sodium hypochlorite [NaOCl], 10% concentration and Accel TB.


Want to know more?

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