Partner Product Showcase: Advantech Medical Computers

Since the beginning of the year, we have been running a series of blogs acknowledging the work of our partners who continue to deliver high performance products to a variety of industries.

In this edition, we’re highlighting Advantech’s Medical Computers, which come as part of the Advantech iHealthcare range.

What are they?

Advantech’s medical-grade PCs and monitors are a computer series that delivers high performance in a fanless unit, which can be simply integrated with existing equipment configurations.

Advantech’s robust, versatile, and compact Medical Grade PC range is designed specifically for use in healthcare environments including:

  • Integrated Operating Rooms
  • Intensive Care Units (ICUs)
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Patient Data Management Systems
  • HMI for Medical Equipment.

The medical computers come in screen sizes 15.6”, 19”, 21.5” & 24”.

What are the key features?

1. Infection Control

With the current pandemic, the focus is more than ever on infection control in healthcare environments. Advantech’s Medical Grade PC products come with an IP54 certified enclosure which provides protection from water and dust, easy cleaning, and added safety for patients and clinicians. Fanless designs also contribute to minimising the risk of disease spread.

2. Reliability

Any malfunctions in the healthcare environment can have life-critical consequences. Advantech’s Medical Grade PCs have been approved using RDT (Reliability Demonstration Testing) to ensure a 3-year warranty. The PCs are also HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) certified.

3. Flexibility

Every healthcare provider has differing and specific needs. Advantech’s Point-of-Care terminals are designed for flexible customisation, allowing different configurations of Wi-Fi modules, smart card readers, battery packs, RFID readers, DVD drives, or Bluetooth modules.

The POC-W242 is specially extended to 4 PCIe card slots to increase availability for medical-use applications.

4. Image Resolution

Advantech’s Medical Grade PCs employ IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology for screens which are responsive and can process high speed signals without data loss. IPS also ensures clear, vivid display images, with no colour wash, and eliminates image distortion while using the touchscreen.

Wide-viewing-angle support presents images to viewers from any angle, without blur.  The screen surfaces are 7H hard, with a responsive multi-touch interface that works well, even with a gloved hand

5. Intelligent Power Solutions

The Advantech hot swappable battery is a mobile power pack equipped with three hot-swappable batteries which are compatible with a range of Panel PCs in the market. This intelligent power solution can support 6-12 operating hours, which greatly supports each nursing shift.

Intelligent power solutions prevent system interruptions and downtime caused by a device having to be switched off to replace the battery.

Want to know more?

If you are not sure which medical grade PC to choose, simply get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will source the right solution for you and your environment.

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