This month we are putting the spotlight on the new Modus self-service kiosk from our partner 10 Squared. 10 Squared are a leading technology company providing a vast range of solutions in and around kiosk manufacture and digital innovation.

What is the Modus?

The Modus kiosk is a modular self-service kiosk that can be freestanding, desk mounted, or wall mounted. The modularity of this model makes it the perfect solution for organisations that may have different requirements across different sectors of the organisation, but still want to maintain the look of a cohesive family of products.

Since the beginning of the pandemic any customer facing organisation, particularly the healthcare sector, has been searching for ways to provide the same high level of service as before, while adhering to social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

Modus Key Features


With the ability to house chip and pin devices, receipt printers, barcode scanners and RFID readers, the versatile Modus can be used in a huge variety of scenarios. This model was designed specifically for patient self check-in within the NHS and performs brilliantly in a healthcare environment, offering excellent wheelchair access. It can also be used in retail or commercial environments. Self-service kiosks in these environments provide a hygienic way to enter the doctors or hospital and alert your care team to your arrival, while simultaneously keeping unnecessary contact with other staff and patients to a minimum, reducing the chance of viruses and infection spreading.


The kiosk contains an 18.5-inch Projected Capacitive touch screen and embedded PC, ensuring that this unit is suitable for withstanding prolonged use for extended periods every day in harsh public realm environments.

10 Squared Modbus Kiosk

Customisable to your needs                                   

We can customise the colours and build on this model to suit your organisation and specific needs and install it in your building ready for use. There is a one-year return to base warranty and you can arrange support and maintenance on a three year contract.


Want to know more?

To learn more about the Modus Kiosk get in touch with us today.

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