Partner News: Elo Unveils Latest Outdoor Open Frame Touchscreen

Our partner Elo, a global leader in interactive devices, recently launched their latest outdoor open frame touchscreen display. The 10” Elo 1099L Outdoor Open Frame Touchscreen is packed with innovative features that help provide maximum performance regardless of temperature or weather conditions, making it perfect for use in payment systems, charging stations, vending machines, and more.

The virtually weatherproof 10” Elo 1099L touchscreen has been built to perform outdoors, meeting IP66 and NEMA 4X standards when integrated into an enclosure. The all-new device also offers IK09 impact protection to keep it safe and secure from vandals, ensuring a long-lasting and durable solution.

Designed to be used in nearly any condition, the Elo 1099L integrated cooling regulates display temperature to allow incredible performance with extended operating temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Celsius up to 60 degrees Celsius. Elo has also ensured that users can easily engage with the device both day and night, in most weather conditions. The optically bonded touchscreen display boasts 1000 NITs brightness and integrated ambient light sensors that automatically adjust the display as required, providing fantastic visuals in both direct sunlight and late at night. The auto adjustment also optimizes power consumption, helping to extend the lifespan of the display.

To make sure the new Elo 1099L is as adaptable and usable for as many applications as possible, the monitor can be mounted in landscape, portrait, and upward-facing orientations. This allows for optimal flexibility when integrating it into a counter, kiosk, or cabinet. Incorporating TouchPro® PCAP technology, the 1099L is also able to support touch-thru functionality, allowing it to be used in installations that require a front layer of glass up to 6mm thick or in outdoor touchscreen kiosks requiring adherence to specific IP/IK ratings. The touchscreen also features HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and USB connections, allowing for quick and simple integration with the most common computing systems and accessories. For added durability, the connections feature secure locking mechanisms to ensure a strong and stable connection, even in tough industrial situations.

All of these features found in the 1099L outdoor monitor make it a highly versatile solution that is well-suited for a broad range of sectors. From EV charging stations and vending machines to payment and ticketing kiosks, human machine interfaces, and order pickup lockers, the latest addition to the Elo line brings performance and adaptability.

When paired with an Elo Backpack® and an internet connection, kiosks can be easily deployed and managed with EloViewⓇ — a scalable, single-architecture media platform. EloView simplifies content delivery with remote-management capabilities — critical for kiosk deployment in multi-location chains. Equipped with auto-provisioning and single-button deployment, you decide when to update your kiosks, reducing downtime for you and your customers.

To view the features of the Elo 1099L, click here

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