Medical Grade All-in-One PCs and Ultrasound Imaging Systems

During the pandemic, we have seen a huge increase in point-of-care (POC) and primary-care systems being mobilised and used much more widely. In addition, we have seen demand increasing for corresponding ultrasound systems that could be used in conjunction with these POC or primary care systems.

What is an ultrasound imaging system? And what are the uses at the point of care?

Ultrasound imaging (sonography) uses high-frequency sound waves to view inside the body. Because ultrasound images are captured in real-time, they can also show the movement of the body’s internal organs as well as blood flowing through the blood vessels. Ultrasound imaging is a medical tool that can help a physician evaluate, diagnose, and treat medical conditions.

A point-of-care ultrasound system could be used to speed up diagnosis and improve care for COVID-19 patients. It could be used for triage, monitoring and aiding the diagnosis of COVID-19. The technology is not limited to COVID-19 usage and could be used in the same way to aid the treatment and diagnosis of a huge range of different illnesses. Waiting times and cancellations are two of the biggest problems faced by the NHS in all departments and for all patients owing to the ongoing pressure placed on our health service by the pandemic. POC ultrasound technology is one piece of the puzzle that could accelerate the patient journey from first contact to diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, point of care ultrasound is one of the fastest-growing segments of the medical market.

Requirements for use in a medical setting

Currently, there is no standard definition of a medical grade computer, but there are certain key features to look for when selecting one for a health care setting. The first consideration is functionality, does it fit your needs, and can it be integrated with your existing systems? The second is how hardwearing it is. All medical-grade computers need to be able to run 24/7 as healthcare never stops.

More specifically for an ultrasound imaging system, smooth and easy provision of the imaging requires not only video capture capabilities but also powerful computer processing. Without this, the speed of monitoring would not be adequately supported during the diagnostic process.

For a point of care use scenario, clinicians would also require a high-resolution panel PC to allow them to view diagnostic information. A medical-grade all-in-one (AiO) panel PC is the perfect solution here, it is a hygienic and easy-to-use technology that will slot in and integrate with the ultrasound system giving clinicians a seamless tool to aid in their work.

Our partner Wincomm Corporation provides medical-grade all-in-one panel PCs equipped with the latest generation of intel core processors, and in a range of screen sizes to suit various applications within a healthcare and diagnostic setting. They feature a unique defaulted expansion slot, and firmware / BIOS is included for system integrators. They can also be customised to suit your needs and integrate with your existing hardware.

Wincomm’s medical-grade all-in-one PCs feature:

  • Medical Grade Certification Ready
  • Powerful Computing Intel® Core™ Processor
  • High-Resolution Touch Panel with DICOM Part 14
  • Expansion PCIe Card Support for FHD Video Capture Card
  • Various I.O. Input, such as USB, COM, LAN to Link Peripherals
  • Easy Installation with Compact Size to Portable Solutions


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