Manufacturing Technology Trends 2019.

Today we’re concluding our trio of blogs looking at the three major sectors we operate in, and setting out our predictions for the next 12 months. We began by looking at healthcare technology, and then moved on to discuss digital signage.

In this piece, we explore what the future holds for the manufacturing industry, specifically those operating in harsh industrial environments:


IoT (internet of things) is something that the manufacturing industry has been investing in for many years. In 2019, we can expect to see the level of IoT dramatically increase in the sector as it can facilitate a range of operations from production flow management to inventory management, leading to a true, connected production line.


As cyber-attacks become a reality for companies and organisations across all industries, manufacturing is becoming a bigger and much easier target with the introduction of connected and IoT technology. This is why it is vital that manufacturing takes cybersecurity seriously; one attack could take down a whole network, effectively halting production for days, or even weeks. As malware becomes more advanced, so should your security measures.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality or AR, has become increasingly popular in the consumer technology space, with everyone from Pokémon to IKEA embracing this new outlet. Over the next twelve months we will likely see an increase in augmented reality in manufacturing. Its versatility and ease-of-use lends itself to a range of operations from prototyping to training; the application of AR can benefit every step in the production process.


Collaborative working is already become a staple for many industries, like healthcare, and is fully dependent on having the right systems and tools in place. The implementation of collaborative technologies also helps to close the gap between man and machine, which will be vital for improving efficiency across manufacturing in 2019, with many of the connected and IoT applications lending themselves to this type of workflow.

How can Distec help?

All of these elements require an intelligent, robust and seamless computing system. Distec’s products in this area include a range of highly rugged and robust industrial computing solutions, which help manufacturers to maximise uptime and increase operational efficiency. They can withstand the physical demands of these harsh environments, providing protection against intrusion, dust, accidental contact and water by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures, adding value in smart manufacturing environments.

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