Improve Infection Control with Medigenic Keyboards

We are happy to announce that we have expanded our infection control portfolio with the addition of Esterline’s Medigenic Infection Control keyboards.

The global pandemic has further emphasised the importance of infection control, especially in healthcare settings. While the virus is more likely to pass person-to-person, it is still important to keep hard surfaces clean, especially those that are used regularly.

Public Health England guidelines state that all hospitals should conduct frequent surface decontamination in order to minimise the spread of infectious diseases, but the use of abrasive cleaning chemicals could damage your hardware in the long-term. That is why we only supply medical-grade products that have been built to withstand these tougher conditions.

Introducing the Medigenic Range of PC Peripherals

The Medigenic infection control keyboards and mice are designed to provide smarter prevention and control of contaminants such as hospital-acquired infections, improving hygiene and reducing overall costs. The range includes:

  • The Medigenic Essential Keyboard: An easy to clean, cost-effective keyboard for use in any medical environment. It is designed to enable high speed data entry and sealed to IP65 standards. The one-touch disable key also allows for fast sanitisation, without the need to disconnect the keyboard or mouse.
  • Medigenic Compliance Keyboard: The only keyboard designed by the NHS for use in healthcare settings. It is a patented infection control keyboard which go further to help monitor their own cleaning status in order to safeguard both patient and staff.
  • Medigenic Mouse: An easily cleaned optical mouse designed for medical environments and impervious to antibacterial spray or liquid cleaning products. Made of the same pliant silicone-based material as its counterpart Medigenic medical keyboard, this pointing device may also be rinsed, as necessary.

Esterline’s Medigenic keyboards and mice form part of a complete solution that we are now able to offer to customers, alongside our range of Medical Grade PCs and Monitors. For more information on how you can improve infection control, contact us here.

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